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Fiesta Private Server

Discussion in 'Other Private Server Advertisement' started by catnip1982, Jul 29, 2010.

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  1. catnip1982


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    Jul 29, 2010

    XenoFiesta is a private server established in 2010, for all fiesta fans who enjoy playing fiesta. Fiesta is a game with a heavy emphasis on levelling and PvP, with balanced skills/scrolls/potions for each class. As levelling can get boring, we plan to fix that with higher rates.

    Despite being a private server, we don't have crazy damage/stats and want to stick to and maintain the balance of Fiesta. If you're looking for maxed-damage Helga weapons equippable at level 60, this server isn't for you!

    - Fully working housing system
    - Marriage is obtainable completely via silvers.
    - Donkeys and Costumes obtainable via item merchants!
    - 100% working guilds, PvP, mobs, KQs, and more!
    - Almost 100% english (except a few TW Fiesta exclusive items)
    - Premium items obtainable through: Silver & Fame (from questing) at the Item Merchants (Pey in Roumen & Kenton in Elderine) or through Events!

    Server Rates:
    - 20x EXP
    - 5x Drop

    - Register & Activate a forum account at http://www.xenofiesta.com/register.php
    - Create a game account http://www.xenofiesta.com/register.php (make sure to do both, making a forum account first, and then a game account)
    - Download & install the client by following the guide http://forum.mmoxeno.com/topic/1673-xenofiesta-install-instructions/

    Visit the Forums for any help http://forum.mmoxeno.com/

    We're open to suggestions/improvements from everyone! [​IMG]
    Windows 7 is fully supported and does _not_ BSOD!

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