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Problem GB ban for opening / having UCE?

Discussion in 'Gunbound General Discussion' started by Fancyx3, Jul 28, 2011.

Was it fair for them to ban me ?

Poll closed Aug 27, 2011.
  1. Fair

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  2. Unfair

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  3. All my fault

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  1. Fancyx3


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    Jul 11, 2011
    I got banned on my GB account for 30 days, for simply having the application cheat engine opened. I had the application opened when I was on gunbound and I dced. I didn't know just opening it would get me banned. The next thing i know i am banned the next day ... I didn't even try to hack with it ... I already sent a ticket to softnyx. Any suggestions how to get my account unbanned? I'm a cash buyer too.... upsetting =.=

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