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Discussion in 'Other Private Server Advertisement' started by ajsztea, Apr 8, 2013.

  1. ajsztea


    Likes Received:
    Sep 29, 2011
    Hy there !

    I dont like speak too much ! U will know all if u try out our server !
    But some infos need so here we go !

    Genetic Site :
    Click me Genetic Online
    We are not a simple server i love change everything so i do it all the times !

    List of Changes : Genetic V:1.2

    Changed Starter Level
    Changed Starter SkillRank
    Working Select Character
    Premium Warps
    Free items in itemshopĂ·
    -Warmap Bosses incrased (There are like 30 boss in all map)
    -Ch2 Boss Madness Over 500 Boss !(Ch 2 show up if we reach 50 ppl online
    Arcane Trance
    Map Changes
    Bloody Ice :
    -Added new items in npcs (Rol-1-2-3 Cdi-1-2-3 Lvl 4 Pots etc)
    -Scorlugs changed with Durahans
    -Ghosts changed with Death Knights
    (Soon Bloody Ice Boss)
    Desert Scream:
    -Desert Fox changed with Groga
    -Snake changed with Vice Felichra
    (Soon Desert Scream Boss)
    Green Despair
    -Spiders changed with Fire Servant
    -Zards changed with Maku
    (Soon Green Despair Boss)
    Port Lux
    -Crab Turtles changed with Flame Warrior Zombie
    Npc Changes
    -Added new items in npcs (Titanium amp items Drei Frame Sets Etc)

    There are lot of other changes as i said u need try it out all !
    Maximum Dropprate enabled!
    5 drop /mob
    Daily Events
    Active Staff

    The server open and live (No Beta ) But still working on a nicer wbshop and some other stuff ( Recuit ppls so if u want work for me get me in skype )

    Ps: i warn all dont come hack in my server i always bann who show up in hacklog and always checking dungeon ppls so if u whing only i will bann u for life and there are no change to unbann !

    If u have some probs with login or anything search us on facebook !
  2. ajsztea


    Likes Received:
    Sep 29, 2011
    Cabal(130329-0513-Ver374-0001).jpg Cabal(130329-0511-Ver374-0000).jpg Cabal(130403-1439-Ver374-0000).jpg Cabal(130408-0906-Ver374-0000).jpg Cabal(130408-0907-Ver374-0000).jpg Cabal(130408-0907-Ver374-0001).jpg Cabal(130408-0908-Ver374-0000).jpg

    Some screens (Sorry for doublepost the advanced post edit dont work )
  3. Frost Hell

    Frost Hell @Only-God-Know@

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    Jun 20, 2011
    move to private server section

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