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GTA V Few tips on not getting banned.

Discussion in 'Grand Theft Auto 5 Hacks & Cheats' started by Melrpm, Aug 19, 2015.

  1. Melrpm

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    May 20, 2008
    Hello dear users, there have been alot of bans lately on GTA V, there's been rumors around rockstar updating their anti-cheat system, here's a few tips on what i know already.

    - Money spawning and/or picking up is pretty much detected.
    - Attaching objects to people is, also detected, alot of people used to do this to troll around.
    - Spawning body guards or any sort of peds is highly detected also.

    Things that are not being detected right now:

    - Spawning vehicles and saving them
    - Unlocking DLC's

    You can spawn these vehicules in your garage and sell them to make some money without being banned, i strongly suggest you to not spawn money, at the end you will mostlikely be flagged and get your cash reset, depending on what you do, it could go from cash reset, 15 days bans or even permanent ban. So be careful out there boys.​
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