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Tutorial Guide on every Hero's Skill/Spell damage type

Discussion in 'Sentinel Heroes Guides' started by Weaven009, Jul 11, 2009.

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  1. Weaven009


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    Jun 5, 2009
    Guide on every Hero's Skill/Spell damage type 6.60b

    <> Since I'm too inactive, someone on this forums should become the new owner of this guide to track changes and update the list

    Here is a list of damage types made by me. I have gathered all info about damage types from different forums and some cases were tested personally. Also, clogon helped me a lot in making this guide more accurate.
    To simplify the understanding (which sometimes leads to less information about damage type details) I have divided damage types in 4 categories:
    1. Normal, which is reduced by hero's Armor and can be blocked by Shield Block items/skills (Stout Shield, Vanguard...)
    2. Magic, which is reduced by hero's Spell Resistance.
    3. Mixed - which is reduced both by Spell Resistance and Armor - meaning this is most non-dangerous type of damage
    4. Pure - not reduced by anything - most dangerous type of damage

    Note: Do not confuse 'Magic' damage type in my list with 'Damage type = Magic' that is widely used in changelog and some guides. Read my legend carefully to understand what I mean by saying 'Magic'.

    Note2: Do not ask me for clarification on whether the information on some specific spell is correct. I see no point in this guide if users would still ask me to confirm info on every spell. If you have found out that the information is incorrect/outdated then provide a replay and I will update the guide. Otherwise I'm gonna ignore clarification requests.

    Below there is a list of all heroes (version 6.60b) and their skills, colored accordingly to the damage-type list above. To make it easier to search for a specific hero, I have used a bold style on the most commonly used part of the hero name/class. Additionaly next formatting styles are applied to show how will the skill work against units with magic-immunity (Avatar):
    Skill name - does not work (if it's an ulti, then there will be only cast animation without any effect... except lost mana for casting it )
    Effect name - this effect does not work on Avatared units. Used when skill is partially negated by magic-immunity to specify the exact effects that doesn't work.
    The Sentinel

    Zeus (Lord of Olympia) - Arc Lightning, Lightning Bolt, Static Field, Thundergod's Wrath.
    Aiushtha (Enchantress) - Enchant, Untouchable, Nature's Attendants, Impetus.
    Morphling (Morphling) - Waveform, Adaptive Strike, Morph, Replicate.
    Rylai Crestfall (Crystal Maiden) - Frost Nova, Frostbite, Brilliance Aura, Freezing Field.
    Sven (Rogueknight) - Storm Bolt, Great Cleave, Toughness Aura, God's Strength.
    Slithice (Naga Siren) - Mirror Image, Ensnare, Critical Strike, Song of the Siren.
    Raigor Stonehoof (Earthshaker) - Fissure, Enchant Totem, Aftershock, Echo Slam(echo damage).
    Rikimaru (Stealth Assassin) - Smoke Screen, Blink Strike, Backstab, Permanent Invisibility.
    Syllabear (Lone Druid) - Spirit Bear(Entangle, Demolish, damage on death), Rabid, Synergy, True Form (BattleCry, One¹).
    Lina Inverse (Slayer) - Dragon Slave, Light Strike Array, Ultimate, Laguna Blade.
    Yurnero (Juggernaut) - Blade Fury, Healing Ward, Blade Dance, Omnislash.

    Nortrom (Silencer) - Curse of the Silent, Glaives of Wisdom, Last Word, Global Silence.
    Rooftrellen (Treant Protector) - Nature's Guise, Eyes in the Forest, Living Armor, Overgrowth.
    Darchrow (Enigma) - Malefice, Conversion, Midnight Pulse, Black Hole.
    Ezalor (Keeper of the Light) - Illuminate, Mana Leak, Chakra Magic, Spirit Form (Blinding Light)..
    Furion (Prophet) - Sprout, Teleportation, Force of Nature, Wrath of Nature.
    Azwraith (Phantom Lancer) - Spirit Lance, Doppelwalk, Juxtapose, Phantom Edge.
    Tiny (Stone Giant) - Avalanche, Toss, Craggy Exterior, Grow.
    Squee Spleen and Spoon (Goblin Techies) - Land Mines, Stasis Trap, Suicide Squad, Attack!, Remote Mines.
    Chen (Holy Knight) - Penitence, Test of Faith, Holy Persuasion, Hand of God.

    Mirana Nightshade (Priestess of the Moon) - Starfall, Elune's Arrow, Leap, Moonlight Shadow.
    Raijin Thunderkeg (Storm Spirit) - Static Remnant, Electric Vortex, Overload(slow), Ball Lightnin
    Puck (Faerie Dragon) - Illusory Orb, Wanning Rift, Phase Shift, Dream Coil
    Kunkka (Admiral) - Torrent, Tidebringer(Bonus Damage, Cleave), X Marks The Spot, Ghost Ship.
    Alleria (Windrunner) - Shackleshot, Powershot, Windrunner, Focus Fire.

    Luna Moonfang (Moon Rider) - Lucent Beam, Moon Glaive, Lunar Blessing, Eclipse.
    Kardel Sharpeye (Dwarven Sniper) - ScatterShot, Headshot(stun), Take Aim, Assassinate.
    Jah'rakal (Troll Warlord) - Berserker Rage(bash damage), Blind, Fervor, Rampage.
    Mangix (Pandaren Brewmaster) - Thunder Clap, Drunken Haze, Drunken Brawler, Primal Split: Storm(WW dmg), Earth, And Fire.
    Bradwarden (Centaur Warchief) - Hoof Stomp, Double Edge(self-damage), Return, Great Fortitude.
    Magina (Anti-Mage) - Mana Break, Blink, Spell Shield, Mana Void.
    Purist Thunderwrath (Omniknight) - Purification, Repel, Degen Aura, Guardian Angel.

    The Scourge

    Terrorblade (Soul Keeper) - Soul Steal, Conjure Image, Metamorphosis, Sunder².
    Kel'Thuzad (Lich) - Frost Nova, Frost Armor, Dark Ritual, Chain Frost(ms/as slow).
    Krobelus (Death Prophet) - Carrion Swarm, Silence, Witchcraft, Exorcism.
    Lion (Demon Witch) - Impale, Voodoo, Mana Drain, Finger of Death.
    Lesale Deathbringer (Venomancer) - Venomous Gale, Poison Sting, Plague Ward, Poison Nova.
    Nessaj (Chaos Knight) - Chaos Bolt, Blink Strike, Critical Strike, Phantasm.
    Banehallow (Lycanthrope) - Summon Wolves, Howl, Feral Heart, Shapeshift(Critical Strike).
    Black Arachnia (Broodmother) - Spawn Spiderlings, Spin Web, Incapacitating Bite(slow), Insatiable Hunger.
    Mortred (Phantom Assassin) - Stifling Dagger, Phantom Strike, Blur, Coup de Grace .

    Balanar (Night Stalker) - Void, Crippling Fear, Hunter in the Night, Darkness.
    King Leoric (Skeleton King) - Storm Bolt, Vampiric Aura, Critical Strike, Reincarnation.
    Lucifer (Doom Bringer) - Devour, Scorched Earth, LVL? Death(bonus damage), Doom.
    Anub'arak (Nerubian Assassin) - Impale, Mana Burn, Spiked Carapace, Vendetta(backstab damage).
    Slardar (Slithereen Guard) - Sprint(take more damage*¹), Slithereen Crush, Bash, Amplify Damage.
    Akasha (Queen of Pain) - Shadow Strike, Blink, Scream of Pain, Sonic Wave.
    Clinkz (Bone Fletcher) - Strafe, Searing Arrows, Wind Walk, Death Pact.
    Viper (Netherdrake) - Frenzy(take more damage*¹), Poison Attack, Corrosive Skin, Viper Strike.
    N'aix (Lifestealer) - Rage, Feast, Open Wounds, Infest.

    Pugna (Oblivion) - Nether Blast, Decrepify, Nether Ward, Life Drain.
    Atropos (Bane Elemental) - Enfeeble, Brain Sap, Nightmare(killing blow*), Fiend's Grip.
    Rotund'jere (Necrolyte) - Death Pulse, Heartstopper Aura, Sadist, Reaper's Scythe.
    Pudge (Butcher) - Meat Hook(stun), Rot, Flesh Heap, Dismember.
    Anub'seran (Nerubian Weaver) - Watcher, Shukuchi, Geminate Attack, Time Lapse.
    Nevermore (Shadow Fiend) - Shadowraze, Necromastery, Presence of the Dark Lord, Requiem of Souls.
    Mogul Kahn (Axe) - Berserker's Call, Battle Hunger, Counter Helix, Culling Blade³(killing)/Culling Blade(non-killing).

    Strygwyr (Bloodseeker) - Bloodrage(lose hp), Blood Bath, Strygwyr's Thirst, Rupture.
    Abaddon (Lord of Avernus) - Death Coil(self damage), Aphotic Shield, Frostmourne, Borrowed Time.
    Mercurial (Spectre) - Spectral Dagger, Desolate, Dispersion, Haunt.
    Harbinger (Obsidian Destroyer) - Arcane Orb, Astral Imprisonment, Essence Aura, Sanity's Eclipse.
    Demnok Lannik (Warlock) - Fatal Bonds(target selection), Shadow Word, Upheaval, Rain of Chaos: Infernal(Immoliation, Pulverize).
    Azgalor (Pit Lord) - Firestorm, Pit of Malice, Expulsion, Dark Rift.
    Dirge (Undying) - Decay, Soul Rip (drain damage), Tombstone (Deathstrike), Flesh Golem (Plague, slow).
    Ish'kafel (Dark Seer) - Vacuum, Ion Shell, Surge, Wall of Replica.

    Neutral Heroes

    Shendelzare Silkwood (Vengeful Spirit) - Magic Missile, Terror, Command Aura, Nether Swap.
    Dazzle (Shadow Priest) - Poison Touch, Shallow Grave, Shadow Wave, Weave.
    Kael (Invoker) - Quas, Wex, Exort, Invoke: EMP⁴, Ice Wall, Ghost Walk, others.
    Vol'Jin (Witch Doctor) - Paralyzing Cask(stun), Voodoo Restoration, Maledict, Death Ward.
    Leshrac the Malicious (Tormented Soul) - Split Earth, Diabolic Edict, Lightning Storm, Pulse Nova
    Razor (Lightning Revenant) - Plasma Field, Static Link, Unstable Current, Eye of the Storm.
    Lanaya (Templar Assassin) - Refraction, Meld, Psi Blades, Psionic Trap.
    Gondar (Bounty Hunter) - Shuriken Toss, Jinada, Wind Walk (backstab damage), Track.

    Ulfsaar (Ursa Warrior) - Earthshock, Overpower, Fury Swipes, Enrage.
    Medusa (Gorgon) - Split Shot, Mystic Snake, Mana Shield, Stone Gaze.
    Traxex (Drow Ranger) - Frost Arrows, Silence, Trueshot Aura, Marksmanship.
    Darkterror (Faceless Void) - Time Walk, Backtrack, Time Lock, Chronosphere.
    Meepo (Geomancer) - Earthbind, Poof, Geostrike, Divided We Stand.
    Rattletrap (Clockwerk Goblin) - Battery Assault, Power Cog: Shock(damage, knock back, mana removal), Rocket Flare, Hookshot(Movement, Stun, Pause).
    Crixalis (Sand King) - Burrowstrike, Sand Storm, Caustic Finale(AoE damage), Epicenter.
    Barathrum (Spiritbreaker) - Charge of Darkness, Empowering Haste, Greater Bash, Nether Strike.
    Leviathan (Tidehunter) - Gush, Kraken Shell, Anchor Smash, Ravage.

    Magnus (Magnataur) - Shockwave, Empower, Mighty Swing, Reverse Polarity
    Rigwarl (Bristleback) - Viscous Nasal Goo, Quill Spray, Bristleback(auto Quill Spray), Warpath.
    Razzil Darkbrew (Alchemist) - Acid Spray, Unstable Concoction, Goblin's Greed, Chemical Rage.
    Knight Davion (Dragon Knight) - Breathe Fire, Dragon Tail, Dragon Blood, Elder Dragon Form(Corrosive Breath, Splash, and Frost Breath).
    Huskar (Sacred Warrior) - Inner Vitality, Burning Spear, Berserker's Blood, Life Break.
    Visage (Necro'lic) - Grave Chill, Soul Assumption, Gravekeeper's Cloak, Raise Revenants.
    Rhasta (Shadow Shaman) - Forked Lightning, Voodoo, Shackles, Mass Serpent Ward.
    Jakiro (Twin Head Dragon) - Dual Breath, Ice Path, Auto Fire(target selection), Macropyre.
    Rexxar (Beast Master) - Wild Axe, Call of the Wild, Inner Beast, Primary Roar.
    Aggron Stonebreaker (Ogre Magi) - Fireblast, Ignite, Bloodlust, Multi Cast

    ¹ One makes you receive 10% of original damage (be it spell damage, normal or unreduced) and the rest 90% of that damage will be received as spell damage and splitted between you and your bear. So if both you and your bear are under the One effect, then you will receive 10% of original damage and 45% of original damage as spell damage. If only you have the One buff, then you will receive 10% of original damage and 90% of original damage as spell damage.

    ² Sunder - exchanges percentage of hp/max_hp between 2 heroes (one of which is you). If someone of them is magic-immune, then his hp will not change, while hp of his "partner" will change as usual.
    This leads to simple conclusions:
    1.Cast Sunder on enemy-Avatar - simply raise/lower your own hp to opponent's hp percentage.
    2.Cast Sunder while being Avatar - no change in your own hp, and only your opponent will have his hp % changed to your hp %.
    3.If both "partners" are magic-immune, then Sunder does no effect.

    ³ Culling Blade (killing) is actually reduced by armor, but it deals 100 million damage, so even with every amount of damage mitigation in the game, it will still kill anything that is below the HP threshold. The red color was chosen as more appropriate, so people wouldn't think they can buy armor to counter Axe's ulti.

    EMP deals magic damage if it is about to kill a target, in other cases (where the enemy does not die) it uses direct HP removal.

    * When you cast Nightmare on a target, you deal 5 damage. The target goes to sleep and is invulnurable for ~1 second. On the FIRST damage tic, if the target already has less than or equal to 20 HP, Nightmare is removed (The target wakes up and lives). Else, the target will lose 20 hp per tic (unreduced) untill they are at 20 hp or less. Then Nightmare will deal 50 damage (hence the 'killing blow'). This means that it is possible for a Hero to survive the killing blow if he has enough spell resistance (perhaps only Anti-Mage).

    Extra damage taken will be of the same type as the incoming damage. For example, if you were hit by normal damage, then the extra damage will be normal too and will be reduced by armor (but not by shield blocking skills though, because they are only applied for the incoming damage). Since the type of this damage depends on the type of the source damage and is reduced/unreduced same as the source damage, no color was chosen to avoid confusion.

    If those who helped me with this list are not mistaking.

    It doesn't matter if you are a lurker or not.
    PLS Press THX Buttom.:ranger:
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    Your Status is Lurker..

    Is this yours?
    or is this Copy Paste?

    LoL good guide...

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    I don't know was the lurker means. wht is the meaning of lurker hehe???
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    i think the only words he typed there are

    "PLS Press THX Buttom"

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