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[Guide] Slardar, The Slithereen Guard

Discussion in 'Scourge Heroes Guides' started by Djuice27, Jan 5, 2009.

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  1. Djuice27

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    Apr 18, 2006
    Slardar,The Slithereen Guard

    (Picture Credit: Makrura)


    After a millennium of being trapped under the raging waters of the Maelstrom, Slardar rose from its chaotic depths with his brethren to serve the mighty demon lord, Illidan Stormrage. Fanatically devoted to his cause, this Naga fought valiantly along his side until he succumbed to fatal wounds in the heat of battle. Salvation finally seemed within grasp - that is until his fate became intertwined with the grim reach of the Lich King. Reincarnated as a soulless beast without emotion, Slardar tears through the enemy lines with inhuman speed, striking them out cold with mighty blows, undeterred in his quest to fulfill Nerzhul's every whim.

    Donde Slardar!? "Omgosh! I've looked everywhere! Wherefore art thou Slardar!"

    1.) Set your sights on the houses on the Scourge Side!

    2.) Find the house circled in red in the picture and click on it!


    3.) Now look at the bottom right of your screen. Slardar is the Hero in the Square lines in the picture.


    4.) Omg, you just chose slardar! GG for the enemy!

    Why Slardar?

    Why in the world would I ever want to play a ugly fish with scales? Well, you see, he is actually a very sexy fish. Slardar is a great hero to pick due to his high damage output and his adroit skills. If used correctly, he can carry the team to victory. If you doubt me, keep reading and you will see my reasoning as to why Slardar is a superb hero.

    - Decent base stats
    - Useful skills for ganking
    - Awesome late gamer
    - Versatile Hero
    - Great escape hero
    - Poor early gamer
    - Vulnerable during Sprint

    Base Stats



    [Sprint] -Slardar increases his movement speed dramatically, but takes 10% bonus damage. Lasts 25 seconds.

    Level 1 - Increases speed by 10%.
    Level 2 - Increases speed by 20%.
    Level 3 - Increases speed by 30%.
    Level 4
    - Increases speed by 40%.
    Mana Cost: 50
    Cooldown: 45

    -This skill is used in multiple ways, it is used to gank, escape, or speed to a destination. One con of this skill is that Slardar takes 10% bonus damage. Every type of damage is augmented by this, Physical, magical, every single one, it even increases DoT damage. Another benefit of this skill is that it cannot be purged. DoT = (Damage Over Time)

    [Slithereen Crush]-Slams the ground, stunning and damaging enemy land units. Slows enemy units by 20% for 2 seconds afterwards.

    Level 1 - 50 damage, 1 second stun.
    Level 2 - 100 damage, 1.5 second stun.
    Level 3 - 150 damage, 2 second stun.
    Level 4 - 200 damage, 2.5 second stun.
    Mana Cost: 80/ 95/ 105/ 115
    Cooldown: 8

    -You will be using this skill a lot. It has a 350 AoE of stun and a 360 AoE of slow. This works to your advantage. While chasing a enemy hero you simply sprint next to them and stun them, if they still survive just keep running next to them and stun them again... AoE = (Area of Effect)

    [Bash]-Gives a chance that an attack will do bonus damage and stun an opponent for 1 second. This skill is passive.

    Level 1 - 10% chance per attack, 40 bonus damage.
    Level 2 - 15% chance per attack, 50 bonus damage.
    Level 3 - 20% chance per attack, 60 bonus damage.
    Level 4 - 25% chance per attack, 70 bonus damage.

    -Again, another good skill that will help you with ganking/stunning the shit out of your opponents. With Slardar's attack speed increased, the stun comes more often and helps a lot with chasing hero's. The bonus damage is magical so therefore it will actually be less then stated above.

    [Amplify Damage]-Amplifies physical damage against enemy units by reducing their armor. lasts 30 secondes.

    Level 1 - Reduces 5 armor.
    Level 2 - Reduces 10 armor.
    Level 3 - Reduces 15 armor.
    Mana Cost: 25
    Cooldown: 10

    -Ahh, the ultimate, every heros best skill, and the skill that makes Slardar a serial killer. It reduces the targets armor by 5/10/15 which makes slardars attack do oh so much more damage! Another use for this skill is that if a unit is targeted and goes invisible, then you will be able to see them.

    The Skill Build

    1.) Slithereen Crush
    2.) Bash
    3.) Slithereen Crush
    4.) Sprint

    5.) Slithereen Crush
    6.) Amplify Damage
    7.) Slithereen Crush
    8.) Sprint

    9.) Sprint
    10.) Sprint
    11.) Amplify Damage
    12.) Bash

    13.) Bash
    14.) Bash
    15.) Stats
    16.) Amplify Damage

    - Ok, ok, ill try to explain my reasoning for this build before all the 'pro's' here flame me..So why bash lvl 2? Well you see, at lvl 2 most likely you won't need speed yet because people dont usually gank at such levels. Therefore if you get bash early you always have a chance of stunning a enemy you hit, it can even help with last hitting. Eventually when mid game comes you will have max sprint and will be ganking with a chance to always bash.

    The Item Build

    Ok so all of these items are the 'Good' items for Slardar. You should choose the best items for your particular situation.


    Starting Items
    So start off with these, alternatively if you random Slardar you can get another circlet. Eventually turn this into 2 bracers. Then follow that up with treads or BoTs and you can go on to buying your main items.

    Against Magic/Nuker Build
    Gosh, everyone hates those stupid heros with a "Kill button." There must be a way to help my fishy survive all those nukes! Well your in luck, this build is for when you are against a team with lots of nukers/magic damage heros.

    Bracers: They were your starting items and what are help you survive while you farm everything else. They boost your HP which enables you to take more damage. Eventually if the game drags on you can change them for a Satanic or HoD.

    Heart: Like the bracers, the heart improves Slardars life and helps him take more damage from spells.

    Treads: Well you would get this item in most cases and is your first item after 2 bracers. It gives you a good speed boost and more attack speed which is vital.

    Black King Bar: Gives you protection from spells for 9 seconds which is the time where you kill all those stupid nukers!

    Buriza: This item will give you lots more damage and with your ultimate it will make you kill all the nukers really fast.

    Against Physical Hero's Build
    This is the build where the other team has hero's that output lots of damage and don't have as much nuking spells. If you are less experienced with clicking on your items then try to stay away from armlet. You can substitute the armlet/bracers for a satanic or desolator.
    Bracers: Again, your start build which gives HP and the treads that follow after.

    Assault Cuirass: This will give you lots of armor which will make you more impervious to their physical damage, but not as much to magic damage.

    Armlet: Well...this item stacks great with your ultimate and the buriza. Fast attack speed and high damage output, just what you need.

    Buriza: Same as above, the damage and crit upgrade will help you do some serisous damage.

    Other Item's Explanation

    Hood of Defiance: You can can replace a bracer in the Magic/Nuker build for more protection. Not always necessary after you have BKB

    Boots of Travel: If the other team has a bunch of hero's that are superior pushers then these will be needed to control your lanes. In most cases you get treads.

    Blink Dagger: This item you would really never get. If your considered the main tank on your team then you would get this so you can blink in and start the battle. Once more, Slardar is NOT a pure tank, he is a very versatile hero, in other words he is a little of a tank, carry, DPS, and so on.

    Items NOT to get

    Bottle: Slardars skills really dont take lots of mana, it is not necessary.

    Basher: Slardar does not need anymore bash, if your attack speed is high then your initial bash is fine.

    MKB: Again, not as good as buriza and the bash damage is magic damage and doe not stack with your ult!


    Farming - Slardar is NOT a good hero to neutral with. Early game you will be farming from Last Hitting Creeps. Later in the game when you have better items and there is not much going on you can neutral, but early game its a NO NO. If you don't know what last hitting is then i made a picture :)
    What you simply do is wait untill one of the enemy creeps has low health and then you click it and get the last hit on it. This gives you around 40-50 gold per last hit. That beats waiting that many seconds for money. This is the way you farm.

    Lane Control - First you must pick a lane. The best lane for Slardar is top or bottem. To control your lane you have to keep the creeps close to your tower, but not so close that the tower destroys them. If the tower is hitting creeps then it will make it harder for you to last hit and will eventually result in your lane being pushed. So keep the creeps close, but not to close. You have to Creep block to help keep the creeps nere the tower. This is how you creep block:

    Ganking - This is where you own the other team ^_^. To gank with Slardar its quite simple. You Ultimate the person, start attacking, Stun if possible, and kill. When a person decides to run you simply turn on sprint and chase them while hitting. If you get a bash on them while they run use your stun and there done >.< Here is an example, sorta. Axe thought he had me! mwhahaah. If thats to small for you to read then here is the link 2 a bigger one: http://i104.photobucket.com/albums/m170/Djuice27/nubaxe-2.jpg

    Supporting allies
    - The way you can help out your allies is by using your stun. Lets say you see one of your allies running away from a hero. You run up to that hero and stun them, that gives a chance for your ally to get away. Most of the time when you guys are in a group fight and are losing Slardar can stun and everyone can run away! Unfortunately i do not have one of my beautiful picture's for this...

    Early/Mid/Late Game

    Early Game - Its simple, all you have to do is farm and survive possible ganks. You farm up 2 bracers and treads.

    Mid Game - You keep the lanes in control and protect towers. Gank as much as possible with allies and farm up your main items...(Heart, Cuirass, Armlet, Satanic, Buriza..)

    Late Game - Here you should go around and gank everyone. You support your allies when needed and group up with your allies to push. Slardar is very strong late game so pushing will be easy and most likely you will get some rax if you have a well planned push.


    Slardar early game if possible need to team up with a hero that can can control a lane good. Slardar is not a great lane controller so therefore a good lane controller is a must. If its not posible you need to follow all the strategies above...Later on when Slardars ult is maxed its good to have allies who do lots of physical damage. Other heros that are good with slardar are support heros. Here are a few heros that slardar can flourish with:
    Viper - Lane control
    Lich - Lane control

    Drow - Damage
    Omni - Support
    Nevermore - Damage

    Slardars enemies are diablers and lane controllers. Disablers make it hard for Slardar to get his stuns off and with sprint on, he i very vulnerable. Early game lane controllers will destroy Slardar and will make it hard for him to farm up. If you lane against one of Slardars enemies i suggest you witch lanes.
    Lion - Disabler
    Rhasta - Disabler

    Viper - Lane Controller
    Lich - Lane Controller
    Huskar - Lane Controller


    Coming Soon..


    Post questions and ill add them here...

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    nice i love it i think i should try
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