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Gunbound section rules

Discussion in 'Gunbound Hacks/Bots Discussion' started by Cipher, Oct 31, 2009.

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  1. Cipher

    Cipher Retired Staff Member

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    Sep 24, 2008
    I have recently been appointed trial moderator of this section and I am going to enforce some rules.

    1. Flaming/Trolling.
    Flaming/Trolling other members will NOT be tolerated, this will lead to an infraction.

    2. Posting malicious programs.
    Posting malicious programs with the intent to infect other members is not allowed, you will receive a ban for this.

    3. This section is for hack related discussion only.
    If you have a download, post it in the download section. If you have a question or problem with the game itself, post it in the general discussion subsection.

    4. Begging.
    While we welcome people who want to share their work, we don't welcome beggars. Depending upon when you joined, you will receive an infraction worth 5 points (New member) or 15 points (normal member).

    5. Spamming.
    Posting small comments or making new threads with useless text inside will result in an infraction.

    6. Advertising.
    It has been made clear in other sections of GamerZPlanet that you should not advertise other websites. You may advertise your private server in this section, nowhere else.

    7. Referral links.
    You may want to get more points and rewards on sites that ask you to invite other people but this is disallowed on GamerZPlanet, a 30 point infraction will follow.

    8. Failing to use the search button.
    There is a button at the top of the page, it allows you to search for a question incase somebody else has had the same problem and it is resolved.
    Failing to use the search button will result in at least a warning.

    9. Grave digging.
    When posts have been kept open but have not been posted in for a few months, please don't post in them. If your question still hasn't been answered, make a new thread.

    10. Not giving credits.
    If you post somebody else's work, you must give credits. As this shows respect to the author.

    11. Reporting a thread then posting a comment similar to "reported".
    If you have reported a thread, then thanks for helping me moderate the section, it is appreciated. However, please refrain from posting "reported","ban", "Close thread" etc. Because that is just spam and doesn't help anyone in any way.

    12. Any other problems.
    If you have any other problems, please send me a PM and we can discuss the matter.
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