[GunZ] Enigma GunZ Reopened! |Anti-Lead | 24/7 Online | Anti-Hack.


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Why did you exactly visit our Advertisement thread? Well let me explain, we are offering you the old style of GunZ The Duel with leveling up for your own Items Ingame, so it means endless excitement! This means we will be using a Bounty System for Enigma GunZ server. Also, the donation system will be integrated with the Bounty system. In our plans, donors and non donors will be equally matched.

Staff Management:

We have a charming and helpful Staff Team, which will help you with any problems you may find. We also have a dedicated team of 'Helpers'; specialized in helping players in-game. They have knowledge about our game and community, and are anxious to show new players around!

Content/Server Details:
We have a stable, completely lag-free and DDoS-protected dedicated server.
Our server is player-oriented; "you tell us what you'd like to see added or changed in our game, and we'll make it happen!" Our programmers are capable of a lot, and try to release at least one update a week.


» 16Gigs of ram.
» 1TB of hdd.
» Unlimited bandwidth.
» Location : Europe, DDoS Protected.


  • » Create an Character with standard level 30!
    » Balanced Shop!
    » No Economy resets, ever!
    » Completely lag-free, 99.9999% UPTIME and solid DDoS protection
    » Not a 'pay to play' server: you need not spend a cent to enjoy every SINGLE feature or item within the game.
    » 100% Working Client.
    » No Custom items in-game.
    » Auto-updating client (No re-downloads needed)
    » Anti-Lead / Lead Server!
    » Anti-Hack.
    » Player Wars!
    » Map selection for Playerwars/Clan Wars
    » Clan War works 100%
    » Create clan/char with 3 chars.
    » Create your own clan without players!
    » Disable items from scroll.
    » Character zoom in/out option.
    » Proffesional Interface.
    » Bounty 10x rate.
    » Clan war 180x rate.
    » Exp 30x rate.
    » Expect a lot more in the future!


  • » FPS Limiter.
    » Damage Counter.
    » Archetype/White Map.
    » F9 showing your health.
    » 3D Sound.
    » VIP Grades.
    » Bullet Holes time in seconds limitation.
    » Dash colors.


Thank you for reading this advertisement thread & hopefully we see you in-game!:cool: