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How To Hack FreeStyle Gunz !! [ COME AND SEE ]

Discussion in 'Gunz Hacks/Bots Downloads' started by THEC4O6D, Sep 6, 2011.

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  1. THEC4O6D


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    Aug 20, 2010
    Hi , All Welcome To My Hack Post :suspicious:

    I know that all of you wan'ts to Hack Freestyle Gunz ...
    So.. I camed and reg to give you the hack ...

    You need Euro.dll + d3d9.dll injector

    Download Them From Mediafire :


    How To inject :

    1. Copy Lol.dll + d3d9.dll [ Change Euro.dll To lol.dll so.. d3d9.dll can inject ]

    2. start Freestyle Gunz No proplem launcher or not [ i Use Launcher ]

    3. You will see 2 messages

    4. When you log in type user + pass

    5. in Lobby Alt + I You we see the commands

    Commands :

    Home = Save Location
    End = Teleport to saved location
    ALT + Q = Create Female character from the text file "szCharName" in your gunz folder
    ALT + W = Create Male character from the text file "szCharName" in your gunz folder

    ALT + M = Insane Massives, Spams massives REALLY fast
    ALT + L = Lawnmower, Slashes really fast
    ALT + F = Flipmower, flips really fast
    ALT + G = Godmode, locks your HP to 200
    ALT + B = Bot last attacker, Shows an annoying message to your attacker and doesn't let them do anything!
    ALT + Y = Fake hacker on attacker, Spams Ammo and meds under the person who last attacked you(It won't change on who it spams it on unless you re-activate)
    ALT + T = Show useless ID infos, Just to benifit me :p
    ALT + I = Show help menu
    ALT + S = Shot Spam!, Shoots, spams ammo, and Taunt Spam
    CONTROL + C = Taunt spam!
    PageUp = Teleport Up
    PageDown = Teleport Down
    Arrowkeys = Teleport Sideways
    Delete = Prevent falling at current Z, Activate it where you don't want to fall at.
    NumberPad + = Buffer-overrun(Crash people. only in rooms!) -- It will also crash you because your client isn't protected against buffer-overruns.
    NumberPad 1 = Melee Weapon Attack, ZPostShot(7,7)
    NumberPad 2 = Shoot Gun #1, ZPostShot(8,7)
    NumberPad 3 = Shoot Gun #2, ZPostShot(9,7)
    NumberPad 4 = Deploy Kit #1, ZPostShot(10,7)
    NumberPad 5 = Deploy Kit #2, ZPostShot(11,7)
    NumberPad 6 = Clear fShotTime, ZPostShot(1,2)

    NumberPad - = Instant Room Leave
    ALT + E = Speed Hack
    ALT + R = Wall Hack / Walk through walls
    ALT + P = Plvl with your attacker!
    ALT + N = Auto-Questing on!

    Shift + Ctrl + Tab = Activate Tofu Hotkey

    Name Hack :

    You will see a a szCharname.txt
    Type int the name you want for example : ^1C4O6D^2 The Player name will be red and when you type Ex : Hello will be Green .. Go in lobby and type


    After that ALT + W < Woman ALT + Q < MAN

    FAQ :

    Q :Does The Hack Work in Other Gunz
    A : Maybe Try and Till Me

    Bye !! And Don't Forgot To Press [ Thank ]

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  2. ihackporn


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    Nov 15, 2009
    Oh gawd you must like "Dildo's" shoved up your ass.
  3. luukjevz


    Likes Received:
    Sep 9, 2011
    is this working for normal gunz?
  4. shootpeload


    Likes Received:
    Oct 3, 2010
    Rofl I lol'd@ this thread.
  5. Kakashi789


    Likes Received:
    Sep 12, 2011
    Anyonecan help me plzz i downloaded lol.dll+d3d9.dll and copied it to te fgunz folder and i started fgunz i got two messages about the info then i loged in then i pressed alt+I in lobby and it showed me the commands and then i enter a room and then i press alt+L or any other command the game crashes plzz help me
  6. ipodtime


    Likes Received:
    Sep 12, 2011
    How old is this file from 08? WTF lols win rar says last modified 08 HAHA so ya i dont think it well work and wont really wana try it -.-
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