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Tutorial How to make money on Habbo.

Discussion in 'Habbo Hotel' started by habboer, Jul 4, 2009.

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  1. habboer


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    Mar 22, 2008
    Hey guys.. Just thought I'd give you guys a little tut on how I make my Habbo credits.
    Alright, well first you'll need 12 coins(or more) or a Hc sofa.
    At the moment HC sofas are selling for 13cs. But you can buy them for 12cs or less if you look for bargains.

    If you started with the 12cs then look around till you can buy a Hc sofa for your coins. Go to FC's or some big place or just a trade place it doesn't really matter. Sell your HC sofa for 13cs. +1c profit to you.

    Now, if you started with the Hc sofa sell it for 13cs and do as I said above, look for a trading place and buy another one for 12cs.

    This, is called 'merchanting'.

    Now your probably thinking wtf? nub 1coin? Well after awhile of this you can get enough money to merch other items. Or more HC's and one time.

    Mmk, that enough of merching.

    Coin Trading

    Now let's go over some of the easy tricks of the habbo coin trading.

    Well, Sacks sell for about 2.0. And gold bars sell for about 3.5-4.0. (Let's just say 4.0; it'll be easier).
    You can get 5 sacks out of 100 coins. 5 sacks at 2.0 each = 10.0.
    You can get 2 gold bars out of 100 coins. 2 gold bars at 4.0 each = 8.0.
    You can get a 2 hc profit by selling your coins in sacks.

    Transfering your goldbars into sacks and selling them is also a great way to make credits on Habbo. ( BTW I use this method mostly)

    Gambling is a risky way to make money on Habbo but a fast way to make/lose alot of credits or furni. Uhm, there's not really much to say about gambling on Habbo. Just trying to make the game 13, not 21.

    Reporting scammers..lol?
    I just want to say.. if you get scammed like really I wouldn't even bother reporting it to the MODs(on habbo). They don't do nothing about it. They send a message back saying 'Trade your items at your own risk'. Just be aware that there's no way you can get free furni by entering your password on a website or waving and hitting alt.

    [Got from the Habbo help tool Under the section 'Trading']

    The other user's trading is disabled. Can I still give him/her a piece of furni?

    Yes you can, but remember, it is considered a gift.

    Can I get free furni by trading?

    Habbos will often claim they can double your furni if you trade it to them, this is a lie and they are trying to steal your furni. If someone tries this then you should send a 'call for help' and report them to an on duty Hobba, then leave the room.

    What are items worth?

    There is no guide to what items of furni are worth, they are worth whatever you are willing to accept or pay for them.

    Can someone double/triple my furni by trading me?

    No they are trying to steal your furni, you should send a 'call for help' and report them to an on duty Moderator, then leave the room.

    Alright and that's pretty much it. Have fun and remember stay safe.

  2. ooomon


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    Jun 16, 2009
    nice anyway
  3. iSuper


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    Jun 16, 2009
    Very Very Helpful to all the Habbo Noobs.. lol

    At least someone took the time to make this,
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