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Infinity Nest - Dragon Nest Private Server

Discussion in 'Dragon Nest' started by heartlesss, Feb 7, 2018.

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    Mar 20, 2008

    LINK: infinitynest.com

    Infinity Nest is a brand new server with a fresh new take on Dragon Nest. Experience the good old days of the lower level caps, relive the thrill of raiding through challenging Nests and fight your way to the top!

    Register for an account today and preload Infinity Nest to be ready when it launches! Over the course of the next two weeks, we'll be hosting some events in preparation for the official launch*. Keep an eye out on the forums and on our events page for all information regarding events.

    7 Classes
    Level 50 cap and up
    Low rates (compared to other p-servers)
    No ridiculous stats
    No overpowered items
    Adjusted SDN & GDN
    Infinity Nest was created for the sole purpose of providing top quality Dragon Nest game play experience, a goal that has yet to be reached in the Dragon Nest private server community.

    The server does not offer ridiculous stats, or overpowered donation items like other Dragon Nest private servers usually do. Instead, Infinity Nest offers a more pure experience, focusing content updates on the areas where Dragon Nest is the weakest, while offering enjoyable new content at a steady pace.

    The voice of every request will be heard by the Infinity Nest staff, who will work their hardest to integrate the desires of every player into the overall Infinity Nest vision.

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