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[Ion-Network] Ion Rohan • Closed Beta Testing •

Discussion in 'General Private Server Discussion' started by redbreaker, May 3, 2013.

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    Hello ,

    Ion-Net is proud to present its new MMORPG that we will be hosting called "Ion Rohan," A Rohan private server. We have decided that now is the time to release the project to the public. Ion Rohan will be a low rate server and not have any pay to win features such as OP times in-game,etc. The server will comprise of a professional staff, balanced events, and custom content. More information about the server can be found below in this thread. Please make sure you read everything closely so you know exactly what we have to offer.

    Website: Under Construction
    Forums: Ion-Net Forums
    (Ion-Net Forum's are constantly being updated and changed)


    Server Features​

    • Exp Rate x25
    • Drop Rate x25
    • Crone Drop Rate x25
    • Forging Rates 100% success
    • Refining Rate 80% success
    • Upgrading Rate Safe Upgrade +5 +6 to 10 75% success
    • Max LVL 99
    • Including Working Map's : Ronelia, Kallista, Upper and Lower Gratt.
    -Starting Items:
    3 pcs 30 slot Bags
    10 pcs. Skill Enchancement Stone
    10 pcs. Ancient Skill Enhancement Stone
    4 pcs. Feather of Goddess Silva
    Golden Castle Set Earrings, Eyepatch, Armor and Circlet
    Pet: Monkey and Molly
    20 pcs of 1000 fed nutritious food
    Styling Tickets

    Ion Rohan Screenshot's​

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