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Juggernaut Basic Guide

Discussion in 'Scourge Heroes Guides' started by RD|.P3ac3|M3off, Aug 2, 2009.

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  1. RD|.P3ac3|M3off

    RD|.P3ac3|M3off Registered User

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    Jun 22, 2009
    Juggernaut Basic Guide :D

    Juggernaut is a very adaptable hero who can slide into almost every position.

    He has immunity to some spells from his own spells and grows essentially powerful.

    His move include.

    Bladefury - Basically a DPS, allows free movement and immunity to spell damage. (I Find it will not protect you from some spells like mines).

    Healing Ward - Your healing ability, its absolutely GREAT, but useless at the same time. It will die in 1 hit and moves very slowly. it heals fast but i tend not to get it at all until i have to.

    Blade Dance
    - This is just a powerful critical which only grows in percentage of.

    Omnislash - Your ultimate, its very flexible abiltiy allows indeph movement and precision damage. it attacks oponents different times according to level. Attack speed DOES help you and will help the growth of your ultimate by adding more attacks to one set attack. like many spells, this is sceptre upgradeble.
    Items like Blink can (I think) be casted during omnislash, you can place wards and in the old version actually spin in the omnislash.

    For people who'd like to disagree feel free to add some tested information.

    Item Build:
    Jugg being a powerful DPS hero needs powerful items. Like all items they should corrospond to your hero and spells. Battlefury is a perfect item that will work for omnislash.
    SNY works too, Try getting any orb effect because during your omnislash you will have a chance to do them. Your crit is not a orb effect.
    i wouldn't waste money on orb effects like lifesteal but rather chance orb effects. If you want lifesteal feel free to get vladimirs.
    Mjonir is another good item, with the chance of casting chain lightning and such.

    This is a basic build and no instructions are given on how to do/make and when to make them. Feel free to add your own suggestions and times you like to buy these items.
    Leave positive remarks please, as pointed out this is only a basic guide and for that reason is only basic. you can go to further lengths with playing juggernaut which concerns me, not.

    Some Further Strategic Remarks:
    - This is plain obvious material not to omnislash with creeps around, so lure them out with a good hefty bladespin. you will need to follow them, so having boots or a good edge in the chase will make a sure kill.
    - i would farm alot to get your items, don't worry about your team as of now. you can always carry them in one team-killing omnislash if you farmed well.

    - Good ways to farm include, farming neutrals and going out to omnislash a free kill and going back to neutrals for more gold.

    - Perseverance or Mask of Death should keep you alive in the nuetrals.

    - You can intiate battles. Spin in or omnislash in.

    - If you have battlefury's feel free to charge in with omnislash..

    - Rambo with omnislash, you never know where it bounces to.

    - Stay away from people who can blink or get away.
    your omnislash will be disturbed if so.

    - Play safe, if you die too much you can regain power by farming, but not as well as if you survived.

    Thank you for your attention, i hope you enjoyed this guide.
    Post further remarks, suggestions and basic idea's for fellow jugg-user's around you.
    This thread was made to help, not insult. (No bad comments please)
    Furthermore, i hope this helped your jugg skills and you feel more confident after reading this guide.

    Credits to
    thx for spending your time to read this~
    Enjoy Gaming
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  2. xDaRkNeSs

    xDaRkNeSs Registered User

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    Jan 18, 2009
    Lol when did jugg became in the Scourge =O
    Nice guide though.
  3. infernonova4

    infernonova4 Registered User

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    May 22, 2007
    This is a decent Guide. Not the best of the best but decent for the Beginners out there, as stated in your title for "Basic" +rep.
  4. watdaef

    watdaef Registered User

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    Oct 3, 2008
    Keep your eyes on the Mini map.
    you don't know when they will catch you
    if you are on your lane keep your eyes on the mini map
    if the enemies hero is not in their lane (in the mini map)

    there are 2 reasons .

    1st they will chatch you so. step back and be alert
    2nd they are farming - don't be too calm

    How to farm without being pushed.

    1st wait for your creeps.
    join them as you kill the 1st wave..
    then the 2nd wave..
    if your creeps are pushing now the tower
    its the perfect time to farm.

    note you can farm with this item at lvl 3-6
    vladimirs-Helmet of dominator

    then if you see that your tower is being pushed
    save it before they destroy..

    if you are being food, the best way to be stronger is farming
    to gain golds. and golds. and golds.
    then you can buy items...

  5. podroyce

    podroyce Registered User

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    May 8, 2009
    helm of dominator and vladimir's offering.? i thought it is pointless.?
  6. ishart_o9

    ishart_o9 Registered User

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    Aug 8, 2009
    wrong section sir, move this thread :iough:
  7. Pieftw

    Pieftw Registered User

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    Dec 31, 2008
    Lifesteal stack = no no at above poster. Get a Battle fury early, move to vlads then deso. You should NOT solo, it's a waste because with Jugg and a stun/slow it's going to be easy cruising for the most part. I prefer farming over ganking with Jugg simply because he has no stuns, his dps is weak til he's farmed, and spin isn't going to get you very far. Also spin + tp = win.
  8. DreadKing123

    DreadKing123 Registered User

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    Feb 1, 2009
    ~>> Thanks For the Share

    ~>> I Don't Believe that Juggernaut is a SCOURGE...
  9. aznhenry13

    aznhenry13 Registered User

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    Mar 19, 2009
  10. baileysako

    baileysako Registered User

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    Aug 12, 2008
    Nice guide :D helped me lots thanks for sharing!
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