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L2-Domination p server.

Discussion in 'Trash Can' started by Kieronz, Apr 25, 2006.

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  1. Kieronz


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    Apr 23, 2006

    [ [ L2-Domination free private server ] ]

    • Some c4 stuff working including weapons, Armor and stuff.
    • Some c4 stuff soon to be working Fishing, all c4 skills and just the new c4 "stuff"
    • Great GM/Admin team.
    • Great everyday events, Raids.
    • Castle sieges work, Almost 100%.
    • Clan hells work.
    • No class change quest.
    • 3 classes available.
    • You're able to have two classes at the same time, When you reach 78.
    • Free pets "Striders" in the GM shop.
    • Hero wpeons and most other things sold in GM shops including enchant scrolls.
    • Subclass system is working.
    • Dances And Songs las 20miutes same as normal buffs.
    • Enchant rate 55% change of success with the max enchant of +25.
    • And much, Much more.
    [ [ player-referred rules ] ]

    • this is an international server. Many different players with cultural and linguistic difference play here. Please and do not align your companions are so nice not. Discrimination and racism are not tolerated.
    • abuse and/or utilization of nose will lead to a Ban of the account and the IP address of the player.
    • the use of a third program is not tolerated. If a user of the L2Walker is used discovered, it becomes without warning or notification ip banned.
    • Striders (Stryders) are not permitted Town and the arena The Coliseum in the city by Giran Castle. If you mount or are found with a called for, you are killed without warning. [ no Wyverns likewise, there it both Lags causes ]
    • throw no Items on the soil, since this brings the server to the lying gene.
    • do not beg for Adena or Items in Giran. This could to it lead you getting killed/kicked from server.
    • as a server l2Domination does not speak gaming badly about other servers. We ask you, well or badly not to mention different servers. We are our own server, not another.
    • patients is a virtue, some things needs simply time - learn to wait.
    • duel boxin' isnt allowed on the server (Running two lineageII clients) This could result in your second char getting deleted.
    Please abide by the rules and you'll have a great time!

    [ [ L2-Domination information ] ]

    We'll soon be upgrading out server computer, We need your support please look on our forums: www.l2domination.co.nr to find the donations list.
    We're looking for GMs and one developer The dev will need to be able to work with l2j db and be able to code among other things. To talk to me add me or email me here: kieron_lee@hotmail.com

    Website: www.l2domination.co.nr
    Come and play our brand new l2 server!
    [ [ Rates ] ]
    • Exp: 1000x
    • Sp: 1000x
    • Adena: 2300x
    • Drop: 10x
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