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MaxCabal - About the WH in PH/EU/BR/FR/ES/IT

Discussion in 'Cabal Online' started by gameboysaga, Sep 12, 2012.

  1. gameboysaga


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    Aug 6, 2012
    WH = Wall Hack. it's a very power function that no obstacle in game can block your move.You can walk on mountain, in river, in trees and stones. firstly I wanna let all of you know the purpose of MaxCabal. MaxCabal is purpose to let it user have more afk time when playing Cabal. The current situation is some users are abusing WH function by use it in mission war or more unbalance purpose. This actions also bring the attention of offical game publisher. They add our code in to GameGuard's check list, and set more trouble for MaxCabal. For not piss off the offical and keep balance of the game, we are now disable all the WH related code in MaxCabal, even you know how to set the cfg file to enable WH will not work anymore.

    We need a restrict or control of the WH, do not let this function ruin the game, and bring dangous to all our normal user and alz farmer... so plz give me your opinion here about how to restrict the WH? should it be banned forever? should we make it avaialbe in dungeons only ? and more . Once we get a clear result about how we going to use the WH function, we will then make it. thx and the MaxCabal community more power

    PS: You can also visit this thread : http://forum.sunnygame.net/showthre...-we-going-to-deal-with-the-quot-Wallhack-quot

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