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Release MaximoGunZ - Sign up Now you're waiting!

Discussion in 'Gunz Private Server Discussion' started by Jorklenis2, Apr 6, 2013.

  1. Jorklenis2


    Likes Received:
    Nov 6, 2010
    MaximoGunZ a server is created with the aim of providing free entertainment to all persons of Hispanic and English language in the world, we offer access to sustainable and quality servers. Today this community is made up of two sets MaximoGunZ, Sonic Robo Blast 2 (Coming Soon).

    Informacion Web

    MaximoGunZ - Inicio

    MaximoGunZ - Registro totalmente gratis

    MaximoGunZ - Items Shop

    MaximoGunZ - Item Event

    MaximoGunZ - Descargar

    Combination Item New Quest y Boss.

    1.Robot (Map: Prision)
    Items:High-class Gear/High-class Gear

    2.Especial MaximoGunZ
    Items:Scrider's Register Volume I/Scrider's Register Volume II

    3.Ghost King Cementary
    Items:Blessed Cross/Cursed Cross

    4.Mario Special Quest
    Items:palmpow Idol/Cursed Palmpow Idol

    5.Ciber Special Quest
    Items:Silver Earring/Silver Earring

    Items:Goblin King's Axe/Giant Lizardman's Axe

    7.General (Map: Mansion)
    Items:platinum Earring/Crimson's Necklace

    8.Psychic (Map: Dungeon)
    Items:Crimson's Necklace/Crimson's Necklace

    Commands Room Tag

    [G=Number] - Gravity
    [NF] No Flip
    [R] Instant Reload
    [NM] No Massive
    [NOPRO] No K-Style
    [IA] - Infinite ammo
    [NJ] Style Ninja Jump
    [V] Vanilla Mode
    [GH] HP and AP Cap
    [F] - Fast Respawn
    [NOCASH] No item Cash

    GunZ Functions

    * 24/7 Days Online
    * 35x Experience
    * 5000 Bounty to create a character.
    * More than 6000 free items inside the server.
    * New Items (for Koreans)
    * Ranking Players, Survival, DT, ect Fix. (Working)
    * 3D Sound Weapons
    * CTRL + F - Your FPS output
    * CTRL + S - HP / AP output
    * Ping of Colors
    * Shop Item List in the game.
    * Ping limiter
    * Anti-Lead + (Damage Counter)
    * Gap infinite bullets
    * Anti-Alsing
    * AP & HP Scanning Players
    * Sword Trail
    * Avi Recoder (Press F10)
    * Item operating Gamble
    * AFK System (Your Character 1 minute left room not move).
    * Anti-aliasing
    * Anti-Shotbot
    * FPS Limiter
    * Fix HellClimb
    * Classic Stage Function
    * ESP Function Stage
    * Stage Training Function
    * HP Generation (Automatic reset your HP)
    * Elements Affect massives
    * Map Loading Screen dependent
    * Windowed Mode Option
    * Custom FPS Limit Input
    * Game Modes, Vampire Mode, Capture The Flags, Classic (CounterSstrike), Sniper, training, NOT flip mode and more ...
    * ^ A - ^ Z colors
    * VIP System
    * Players System
    * Ping Colors
    * Basic Anti Hack
    * Best Anti Lead for all modes (Custom)
    * SQLI injection in game, '% s% s crash patched
    * CW maximum is 8 vs 8
    * Custom Resolotion HD!
    * Maximum Players in Room 32
    * Only staff can open room in the event channel
    * F10 - recording the game format AVI (FRAPS)
    * Classic Mode like Counter Strike Game (In the options)
    * Training Mode in Game Options
    * Shout the fps in the game (CTRL + F)
    * Shout your hp and ap to the game (CTRL + S)
    * FPS LIMITER | You can choose the FPS you want using the OPTIONS in the game in the MISC
    * / Fps command, So you can choose the FPS you want through a command.
    * Clean map | map through the Clean OPTIONS.
    * White map | map through the White OPTIONS.
    * Crosshairs - Crosshairs 11 in the OPTIONS.
    * Mouse sensitivity - Mouse Sensitivity pressing] or [game or change it in the options
    * VIP grade - special colored and various options for new colors to VIP
    * VIP can do a global server message every 15 minutes
    * VIP rooms can enter the full
    * F9 - For More Macro in the options
    * New Effect SFX.
    * New CTF Maps
    * Anti Aliasing
    * And More ...

    Players commands:

    You can see all this commands via /help commands

    /fps <number

    Commands VIP Users Donators.


    Color VIP Donator

    1.VIP - Pink
    2.VIP - Blue
    3.VIP - Yellow

    Functions of the Web

    * Top Clan Emblem
    * Ranking Clan, and Dueling Tournament Players
    * Sitemas of Coins
    * Change Password
    * Retrieve password
    * Support, Forum, Chat (Working)
    * System Avatars
    * System DonaciĆ³ns (Active)
    * User Panel
    * IP banned him
    * Security Guaranteed
    * New modules (some are working)
    * Delete PJ and Clan from the Web
    * Itemshop and Event
    * And some other things ...
    *System Avarars

    Here is a donacione sistem called recusosmoviles is easy and sure in which to look for paying by credit card and go to a place to donate and ect here just a phone call, SMS, credit card charging, Paypal can do everything from the page MaximoGunZ - donations remember entering antres log in first, grants are available almost every country.

    We are giving away items donors for 8 days to all new users.





    Well I hope you like my server because it really was an effort and a great money saver and ect, now I prestento to contributors who are helping me with the server are: Julian Uchiha Jr, Maiquel Prince Boateng, Daniel Linzou (is a Chinese crazy xD), Luis David Rodrigues, Peche Death Navas if not for them take a little longer to release the server.

    Credits: Firework (Lenny Mendoza), andoide28, s00rk, jorklenis2, Wizkidz, George, Sahar, Mark, Thunder, SecretsOThePast, Gunblade, Omar (Vusion) Bulli10, Hideasu.

    If you liked give it a megusta to this post and I'll take it as a thank you for my effort was worth it, would be the first server in Panama now.
  2. MrYasin42


    Likes Received:
    Aug 23, 2011
    national gunz source, nothing is uniqeu.

    just some simple edits.
  3. sahar042


    Likes Received:
    Jun 12, 2009
    My source <3 good luck guys


    Likes Received:
    Apr 23, 2006
    After freestyle gunz this is the most decent server.

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