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Medusa - Gorgon Guide to Ownage

Discussion in 'Sentinel Heroes Guides' started by crazyred0, Jan 1, 2009.

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  1. crazyred0


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    Sep 11, 2008
    ok, so Medusas skills are
    Chain lighting
    Mana sheild
    Multi Shot

    ok first you want to get Chain lighting MAXED mana sheild rank 1 and rest all stats untill level 6 which you get your ulti - purge reasons Multi shot does not do enough damage to be effective Mana sheild you only have roughly 249 mana to begin with after you max out stats go max mana sheild then finish maxing multishot -Multi shot last- reason being multi is useless unless you are pushing and you don't want to push early game + it's not that effective early either

    My item build is like this reasons being medusa you really want almost every stat int for mana sheild
    str for hp and Agi for of course damage so already -Linkens Sphere- -Eye of Skadi- -Power Treads-
    come to mind, for your first items you really want PT- Power treads my build personaly is getting Maelstorm second reason, it's really good for farming and the chain lighting in group battles can be deadly along with 1v1 3rd item the most effective is Linkens it benefits you more then any other hero
    because of the 15 to all stats and also medusa is low life hero to begin with so the extra spell dmg every 20 seconds can be really beneficial 4rth item is Eye of Skadi if it goes on that late in the game
    reason -Eye of Skadi is NOT a Orb effect on range it's a buffplacer which stacks with Maelstorm-
    game well normally be ended by now but if it goes on longer get Mjor Butterfly and then that's basicly the build for medusa that i've found to be best people argue that monkey bar or baslista should be in their but it should not it has NO stats! and medusa is Stat monger

    how to play Medusa! Early! ok around level 6-7 you're the dominent hero especcially if you get solo
    reasons CL well be maxed or not near maxed you well have more hp due to stats considering they don't have any and you got purge so when you fight throw in chain lighting if they still fight fight them using attack then CL again purge go back shoot shoot should be dead if they run after first CL purge them
    run along side them CL again and they well surely be dead if not close where you can finish them off with a normal shot. and that's my guide to medusa! hope you like it

    -CL = Chain lighting incase you where confused
  2. BraveLard


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    Apr 29, 2007
    249 mana but at lvl 7 manashield lvl 4 allows you to take 2 dmg per mana. giving u 500 more hp. thats 2 vitality boosters 2.2k gold xD its more of a matter of choice and who ur against xD. i like going chain and manashield although chain eats into my mana i have enough regen to support both with the items you suggested. practically linken is enough to support the regen with a little help of EOS's Stats
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