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Mortred, the Phantom Assassin Guide by vantoz

Discussion in 'Scourge Heroes Guides' started by RD|.P3ac3|M3off, Aug 16, 2009.

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  1. RD|.P3ac3|M3off

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    Jun 22, 2009
    A Guide to :
    Mortred, The Phantom Assassin

    Writer's Foreword:

    -Welcome to my first guide. In this guide I will teach you the way I play the Phantom Assassin. Mortred is a hero that needs to survive early and farm at the middle of the game in order to reach your goal to be a Late game beast. The item and skill build that I will recommend will support us in our early game survival, middle game farming, and late game owning. Ok, Lets start. Before I forgot, sorry for my Bad English.

    Hero Overview:


    Mortred, the Phantom Assassin

    -Pitted against the very society that condemned her life to a life of Undeath. Mortred takes delight in the slaughter of her kindred people. Abandoned during their expeditous retreat in the battle, she was left to the mercy of the undead. Her twisted faith was merely a sacrifice to them - a tool in slowing thier predator's pursuit. But... the Lich King saw the malevolence and hatred within her. He bestowed upon her an opportunity - a vessel of darkness which to enact her vengeance. Eternally grateful of his service, Mortred hunts her wretched Night Elf sisters from the shadow, fueled by an insatiable desire to seek justice. (New Background story: v6.53)

    Starting HP: 473
    Starting Mana: 169

    Str: 17 + 2.05
    Agi: 23 + 3.15
    Int: 13 + 1

    • Affiliation: Scourge
    • Attack Animation: 0.3 / 0.7
    • Damage: 46 - 48
    • Casting Animation: 0.3 / 0.5
    • Armor: 4.3
    • Base Attack Time: 1.7
    • Movespeed: 310
    • Missile Speed: 900
    • Attack Range: 100 (melee)
    • Sight Range: 1800 / 800

    -As we see, Mortred has a high agility growth(3rd to the highest), a good strength growth but with a low starting Hp, and a horrible intelligent growth. Like many melee Agility heroes, mortred will have a hard time farming and surviving at the start of the game but don't worry because the item and skill build that we will use will cover this weakness.

    -One of the Fastest Killer in the game and might be the Best if you played her Right.
    -She can survive and farm early game with her regeneration items and Blurr to make her late game a Heaven.
    -High Critical + Satanic = High Lifesteal = Survivality
    -High Critical + Battlefury = Dead Creeps = Lots of Gold = Lots of Item = Ownage?

    -Low HP = very vulnerable against nukers
    -Hmm, and she also has low Int/Mana
    -Very Item Dependant

    Skill Descriptions:

    Stifling Dagger

    Hurls a dagger which deals minor pure damage and slows the unit's movement speed for a short duration.
    Deals half damage to heroes.

    Level 1 - 40 damage, 50% Slow, lasts 1 sec. Mc: 30
    Level 2 - 80 damage, 50% Slow, lasts 2 sec. Mc: 25
    Level 3 - 120 damage, 50% Slow, lasts 3 sec. Mc: 20
    Level 4 - 160 damage, 50% Slow, lasts 4 sec.Mc: 15

    Cooldown: 10 seconds
    Casting time: Instant
    Casting Range: Around 1500

    Phantom Strike

    Teleports to a unit and attacks it. Gains 100% attack speed for 3seconds while attacking that same target.
    Maximum of 4 attacks.

    Level 1 - 30 second cooldown, deals 30 extra damage.
    Level 2 - 20 second cooldown, deals 60 extra damage.
    Level 3 - 10 second cooldown, deals 90 extra damage.
    Level 4 - 5 second cooldown, deals 120 extra damage.

    Mana cost: 50
    Cooldown: 30/20/10/5

    **new - v6.60**


    The Phantom Assassin becomes hard to see by blurring her body. Some enemy attacks miss.

    Level 1 - 7% chance to evade an attack.
    Level 2 - 14% chance to evade an attack.
    Level 3 - 21% chance to evade an attack.
    Level 4 - 28% chance to evade an attack.

    Update: lv 4 Blur now gives 30% evasion

    -Passive Skill-

    Coup de Grace (French; Finishing Stroke)

    Mortred has refined her hero-killing skills to a high degree.

    Level 1 - 15% chance to do a 2x critical.
    Level 2 - 15% chance to do a 3x critical.
    Level 3 - 15% chance to do a 4x critical.

    -Passive Skill-

    Skill Order:

    Level 1: Stifling Dagger
    Level 2: Phantom Strike
    Level 3: Stifling Dagger
    Level 4: Stats
    Level 5: Stifling Dagger
    Level 6: Phantom Strike
    Level 7: Stifling Dagger
    Level 8: Phantom Strike
    Level 9: Phantom Strike
    Level 10: Coup de Grace
    Level 11: Coup de Grace
    Level 12: Blur
    Level 13: Blur
    Level 14: Blur
    Level 15: Blur
    Level 16: Coup de Grace
    Level 17 - 22: Stats
    Level 23 - 25: Stifling Dagger

    Reasons for skills:

    We will max our Stifling Dagger because it is a sexy skill: Low mana cost, Low cooldown, high Movement speed deduction, and Decent damage for Farming and getting the last hit for heroes nearly escaped. Getting Stats Bonus early game will help you survive against aggressive enemy heroes. We will start learning Coup de Grace at lvl 11 because i believe getting it at lvl 6 is useless (explained below).

    Why do I choose Stats over Blur early?
    Let me ask you, why do you want to learn blur early? Simple, you want the evasion for your earlygame survivality. Let me ask you again, what do heroes use earlygame to kill or harass their enemies? Answer: Spells. Let me ask you one more time, can blur protect you from spells? The answer is?NO! Stats can help you more earlygame because it will provide you more suvivality.

    Coup de Grace at level 10 and not on level 6?
    Yes, I want you to get your first level of Coup de Grace at level 10. Here are some reasons why I believe that Coup de Grace is nearly useless earlygame:

    -You have a slow attackspeed early game, meaning you will have low chances of triggering Coup de Grace.
    -You have low damage, meaning your criticals will not be strong.
    -You cannot kill a hero early game, Mortred is a late game hero- don't make her a early game super hero.
    -Mortred needs to be defensive early game. Stats bonus is better than that little x2.0 critical

    Item Build:

    1. Circlet of Nobility + Tangoes
    2. Helm of Iron will
    3. Bracer x2 (+2 pcs Gauntlets of Strenght and Bracers recipe Scrolls)
    4. Boots of Speed
    5. Claymore
    6. Broadsword
    7. Perseverance (Ring of Health+Void Stone) - Battlefury
    8. Mask of Death - Helm of Dominator

    Extended Item Build:

    9. Upgrade Boots to Boots of Travel or Power Treads (you can skip this part)
    10. Demon Edge
    11. Javelin (new item v6.49 - costs 1400 gold)
    12. Javelin (again) --> Monkey King Bar
    13. Messerchmidt's Reaver
    14. Finish Satanic

    After this you can get:

    -For more Damage, get Divine Rapier - Aegis of the Immortal ( Too bad, we cannot make an Aegis Anymore... )
    -For map control get Boots of Travel
    -For more Survivality get Black King Bar
    -For more Attack speed get Hyperstone
    -If you have a trouble farming early game, get a Hand of Midas after you get your regen item

    Final Items:

    -Power Treads
    -Monkey King Bar
    -2 Bracers

    Reasons for Items:

    Helm of Ironwill
    + 3 hp regeneration per second - For Countering Harassers and Nukers
    + 5 Armor - For Physical damage deduction.

    We will choose this item over the Ring of Health as your earlygame Hp regen item. Ring of Health will give us +4 Hp regeneration per second at the cost of 875 golds while the Helm of Ironwill will give us +3 Hp regeneration per second and +5 armor at the cost of 950. You’ll just need to give up the +1 Hp regen per second and add 75 golds for the +5 Armor, a good deal huh?

    + 12 Str - For added HP
    + 6 agi - A small + in Attack speed and Damage
    + 6 int - For added Mana

    I have chosen Bracers over Null Talismans or Wraith Bands because I believe that Nulls and Wraiths are made for offensive purposes and Bracers are made for defensive purpose. Null Talisman will provide you some mana and mana regen for spamming Stifling Dagger, while Wraith Bands will provide you damage for your Phantom Strike + Hit Combo THOSE are not needed earlygame because your main objective is survive and level up as quick as possible. 2 pcs of Bracers will provide you an extra 228 Hp. Don’t underestimate the extra 228 Hp that bracers will give because it can help you survive in many difficult situations earlygame.

    + 65 Damage - For Coup de Grace Damage and Farming
    + 150% mana regeneration - For Stifling Dagger and Phantom Strike Spamming
    + 6 HP regeneration per second ?Your Regeneration item
    + 35% Cleave attack (225 range I think) ?For Farming, with this + level 3 Coup de Grace, you will do a 700-800 Critical = 250 damage cleave PER critical.

    Why Battlefurry? Battlefury is a nice item (for me) because it will give you +6 Hp regeneration per second, +150% mana regeneration, +65 Damage, and a 225 range Cleave attack. Battlefury will provide you the Damage, Survivality, and more Farming potiential in just 1 item slot. The main purpose why we will get Battlefury on mortred is the Damage and cleave, Just imagine what will happen if you score a critical in a creepwave, in team fights, and in farming? Isn’t that awesome? Battlefury will boost your Farming/Killing potential a lot. Unlike many damage items, Battlefury is very easy to farm because it is made up of very cheap components that are very to gather.

    Satanic / Helm of Dominator
    + 25% Lifesteal
    + 25 Strength
    + 5 Armor
    + Passive Ability:
    Unholy Rage (+ extra 150% Lifesteal, Lasts for 3 seconds [a buff]. Cooldown: 50 seconds)
    Dominate (Controls an Enemy/ Neutral Creep for 20 minutes or so, 5min cooldown)

    Helm of Dominator

    We will buy Helm of Dominator because at this point, your damage is high enough to give us a good amount of lifesteal. With this item, almost no one can bring you down 1 on 1 because of your high Lifesteal, Critical, and Evasion. High critical and Lifesteal means that you will not waste your time going back to the fountain just to heal your Hp. Helm of Dominator will also give you the ability to dominate a creep with a lifespan of 20 minutes every 5 minutes. I highly recommend you to dominate a Fulborg or a Centaur Khan because it can help you kill enemy heroes because it has a skill called “War Stomp” that can stun enemies near it in seconds.


    After we get our MKB(or before if you want), we have to choose an item that will boost our Hp. There are only 2 items that we can choose in boosting our Hp, the Heart of Tarrasque, and the Satanic. I choose Satanic over heart because it gives Hp and at the same time it will give as damage while Heart of tarrasque will give us pure Hp boost. Satanic’s active skill was change from Death Pact to Unholy Rage- so I think that getting satanic is better than getting heart on mortred now.

    Monkey King Bar
    + 75 Damage ?For Coup de Grace Damage
    + 15% Attack Speed - Attack speed for Coup de Grace
    + 30% chance to do a 100 bonus Damage that can stop channeling spells

    Monkey king bar?! Yes, we will choose monkey king bar (MKB) as our next damage item. There are no better damage item than MKB when we got our Battlefury. Radiance, Buriza do Kyanon, and Divine Rapier are the only items that can match MKB’s usefulness- Not radiance because we already had battlefury as a farming tool, not buriza because double critical is a waste, and for the Divine rapier, it is ok but when you dropped it by chance, there is a possibility that your team will lose their chance to win. MKB will give us Damage for more Coup de Grace, Attack speed for coup de grace, and the 100 Damage mini-stun which acts as your second critical.

    Optional Items:

    - A slave that can carry items back and fourth from your base like Potions, I really recommend this.

    Obsverver Wards
    - For Avoiding Ganks and Monitoring the Runes.

    Sentry Wards / Gem of True Sight

    -For Countering Invisible and Windwalking Heroes like Rikimaru & Bone Clinkz.

    Items not to get:

    Butterfly and Buriza / Crystalys
    -Because it doesnt stack with Blur and Coup de Grace (and they are too expensive ^_^)

    Other items w/ Orb effects
    -Orb effects do not stack ^_^

    -Make your item Build depending on the situation

    -If you do not need extra life regeneration, Buy only 1 HP regen Item (Ring of Health or Helm of Iron Will)
    -If you have a hard time farming for Battlefury, consider getting a Hand of Midas for Early game farming.
    -If you do not need an exta HP, finish Monkey King Bar after Satanic.
    -If you are not comfortable spamming Stilfing Dagger buy Perserverance Last.(for completing Battlefury)
    -If you are against Heavy Nukers(Zeus and Lich) grabbing a few Tangoes/Potion will help.
    -If you think that you do not need Extra Movespeed, Buy Power Treads/Boots of Speed after you get your Battlefury.

    General Gameplay Walkthrough:

    Early Game:

    - at the start, grab a chicken if you want then go to the bottom lane for sentinel and top lane for scourge with an ally because you cannot solo, at the start your main objective is to survive and farm. Keep gold for your Helm of Ironwill-950, Do the melee dance by spamming right click and try not to get damaged because you have no hp regeneration item, Also ask your team mates to call the heroes that is missing in their lane to avoid Dying in Ganks. Once you have your Helm of Ironwill, you can start farming now using your
    Phantom Strike, with this you can farm without being harassed badly by your lane enemy hero. When you completed farming for your Bracers, use your chicken to buy and bring it to you (I recommended buying a chicken because it can help you bring items from your base which is very important because we don't want to miss experience and gold, and don't forget to share your chicken with your teammates and collect a lots of Thank yous- if somebody do not thank you do not allow him to share your chicken because he is stupid?.Joke =).) Why not Mask of Death first? Its because 10% lifesteal is not enough to survive early game, that is the reason why Regeneration > Lifesteal early game and Lifesteal > Regeneration late game for Mortred. Once you get your Ring of Health and Helm of Iron Will, you will now have +6hp regeneration per second and a +5 in armor, it is the time to be aggressive but do not be over confident because your not Roshan =). When you see that the creeps are starting to die(2 creeps left) Phantom Strike to your enemy, Hit 1 or two times, use Stifling Dagger, and make 2-4 hits, if he is still alive, Phantom Strike him to get the Kill. But when he is too close from his tower do not be greedy, let him go to his beloved fountain and farm + level up freely.

    Middle Game:

    - by level 11-15 you should have at least 2 bracers, Power treads, and a Helm of Iron Will and now working for Battlefurry, if not then you are in trouble. Farm neutrals to catch up. At this point of the game Ganks is the hobby of your team and also in the Opposing team. Usually you will be the 1st target of the ganks because they do not want you to be too strong, counter this by buying Wards(optional) and place it in the woods where they can setup a gank. Participate also in ganks so if you succeed you will have extra experience, also if you want call for a gank against your enemy lane mate so you will have a time to farm without harm.

    Late Game:

    - at this point of the game usually heroes get their first big item, and for you that is your Battlefury. After you get your Battlefurry, you will be a Powerful Killing and Farming machine, you can get all the creeps on a wave 100% and finish it within seconds. After this, your Satanic, and Monkey King Bar will be finished within a few minutes and if you want, give your extra gold to your team mates to help them. Also at this point of the game (Levels 16-25) the mid-pushing will begin. Participate in it by appearing LAST and killing first their Nukers/ Agi Heroes. In pushing always go second,(first is your Tank) Make him as your Shield(Because your'e the Sword) and if there is no Threat, kill the creep wave and get a lots of gold (Yummy). Always remember your goal, The Tree.


    Mortred is a hero killer so it is very important for you to know how to kill a hero. Killing heroes is her primary role in her team lategame but in order to kill, you must have a good inventory slot, Level, and LUCK. In choosing what hero to kill, you must know what his /her skills are. Example: jumping at Luna alone is like committing a suicide, she'll just use her Eclipse and your dead.

    Whom to kill:

    -Heroes that can be a threat to your team lategame. (most of them don’t have a escaping spells like Sniper and Razor)
    -Support heroes (like Omniknight)
    -Heroes that have multiple Area-of-Effect spells.
    -Heroes that have low hp and armor.

    Whom not to: (but at least you can try)

    -Blinkers, it is nearly impossible for you to kill blinkers because they will just *blink* when they will die. Intelligent blinkers will just blink in the forest or anywhere in the fog of war- where you can’t use your
    Phantom Strike to follow them. Except you have a Sentry ward, Gem of Truesight, Allied hero with Stun and/or Mana Burn.
    -Windwalkers, like blinkers, they will just windwalk when they know that they will die. Just bring Sentry wards or Gem if you really want to kill them.
    -Heroes with a GG-skill. (Nerubian Weaver: time lapse, Templar Assassin: refraction, Lord of Avernus: borrowed time, etc.)

    Your good Against:

    chaos knight, naga, soul keeper
    Image Heroes / Manta Users:
    -Your Good against Image Heroes because images takes 300% damage(200% on Chaos Knight) = 105% damage cleave(70% damage cleave on Chaos knight)

    Low Hp heroes:
    -like Techies because you can kill them very fast(just dont let your guards down)

    Good Allies:

    Disablers & Stunners:
    -tell them to stun or disable your target then whack it, your target should be dead before the hex/stun wears off.

    Vengeful Spirit:

    terror and desolator v.s would decrease your opponents armor by 11 and your crits will reduce more hp than the damage shown. ( provided that the heros armor is less than 11.)

    magic missile and swap will make life too easy for you. coupled with your SS, theres no way an opponent could escape! not even blinkers sometimes. ( cause u can swap while they doing blink action. making vs swap all the way.)

    command aura increases your crits from 800+ to 1000+ woots.. gg for that hero.

    Lich,crystal maiden,silencer
    Early Lane Controlers: (Like Lich)
    -Their lane control skills will allow mega-lategamers like Mortred survive the early game.

    Bad Enemies:

    Harbinger, the Obsidian Destroyer
    -with your super low int growth(i think a total of 38 int at level 25), his ultimate, the Sanity's Eclipse will hurt you alot(late game it will do 1500-2000 Damage to you, OUCH!) its damage will be counted like this: your Int minus His Int(Harbinger is a Int Hero) x 14(at level 3) and this skill is an AoE so when you see harbinger cooming close to you, Phantom Strike to the enemy(not harbinger) or ally to get of of there. If you cant Phantom Strike just replace your bracer into a BKB.

    Early Game Nukers: (Like Lich)
    -You are a extra 100 Gold to them.
    -They can prevent you from being a Late-Game beast.

    General Tips:

    -You can use Phantom Strike to your Ally creep/Hero but you will not damage them, use it if needed.
    -Phantom Strike has a Casting time, I think .5 second or 1 second.
    -You have low hp until you get your satanic.
    -Remember to use your Unholy Rage / Dominate.
    -You can Phantom Strike out of the Net (Naga Siren's Ensare) but you cannot move until the duration of the skill.
    -Do not get Buriza, Sometimes it will override your Coup de Grace (When you see 2 criticals at a time)
    -Do not get Butterfly because Evasion and Blurr doesnt Stack, if you want this for the Attack speed, buy Hyperstone Instead.
    -Do not get other Orb Effects, Maim (Sange&Yasha), Cold Attack (Eye of Skadi), Corruption (Stygian Desolator), Feedback (Diffusal Blade, Manta Style) Because Orb effects do not stack.
    -Critical Strike does not return damage (Blade Mail & Nerubian Assassin抯 Hard Carapace)
    -Even that your owning late game, you will not survive in a good gank
    -Crits is reduced by armor.
    -You cannot life steal from cleave damage.
    -Blur doesn't work in Chronosphere
    -Stifling Dagger cannot be avoided with blink.


    Why not Sange and Yasha !!?

    -Mortred doesnt need the Maim and the added MS because she has already a chasing skill and a slow.
    -The price does not worth the benefits and there are more items better than S&Y.
    -Orb effects do not stack

    Why not Getting Desolator + Vladmir's Offering?

    -Yeah I think this is a good idea but i really dont like Vladmir on Mortred bec it distracts Blur and it doesnt give HP like Satanic.

    Useful Links:

    Misc. Guides <-- You can learn something like runes, neutral creeps and many more!
    PieMonger's Phantom Assassin Guide <-- If you dont like/understand my build, check this Premium Guide made my PieMonger.


    [Copy to clipboard] [ - ]
    Once she has battlefury, her other items will flow in very easily.

    [Copy to clipboard] [ - ]
    Mortred is a Late game Hero


    -Mortred.w3g (Missing)
    -Played via GG Client
    -3 vs 3 game
    -I get only 1 level of Shadow Strike
    -I rushed Battlefury
    -Replaced Bracers with a Vit booster
    -My first ever Heart on Mortred
    -Replaced Treads with Hyper+Travel
    -I died 4 times because i want to show you some tricks(but it failed =P)

    -Mortred-MY.w3g (Available)
    -5 vs 5 game
    -4 lvls of Stilfing Dagger
    -Rushed Battlefury
    -Perseverance over Helm of Ironwill
    -Dota-Allstars 6.52c
    -TFT 1.21

    Download Here: http://forums.dota-allstars.com/index.php?act=Attach&type=post&id=60887

    Final Words:

    -I hope that you understand my english and thank you for reading it. Mortred doesn't need 478124 strategies like Magina so this is a very short guide. Please post comments or suggestions because they help me improve the guide. OK, Game Over..

    Thank you's:

    Accel, I love u so much!

    IceFrog, for Making/Maintaining DotA.

    You, I don't know why.
  2. 5hya

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    Oct 17, 2009
    my final items are (suggestions only)
    2x Battle Fury
    1x Butterfly (I'll go for this for more attk speed and damage)
    1x Satanic
    1x Power Treads
    1x Vanguard

    this will surely help killing enemy heroes fast!!

    items not to get
    aura items
    ex cuirass, vlad...
    enemy will see you.... will hiding in the dark...
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2009
  3. Alt Tab

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    Nov 8, 2009
    Usually I'll rush Battlefury if I random PA.
    First item RoH, then if I need mana, a Sobi Mask and then Claymore, Broadsword and complete Bfury with Void Stone.
  4. Pieftw

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    Dec 31, 2008
    Nice indepth guide and I love that you didn't mention getting lothars on PA. Which is quickly becoming a "noob" friendly item build that drives me insane... SHE HAS BLINK FOR ESCAPE@! :( great guide, good job.
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