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Release MTE - (Minecraft Texturepack Editor)

Discussion in 'Minecraft' started by Foreveraloneface, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. Foreveraloneface

    Foreveraloneface New Member

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    This program is still work in progress and in beta-state.
    So dont hold me responsible for any damage done to your pixelpacks.

    3D Modelviewer on the way.
    Features are as of know:
    - Loads any texture you have on your harddisk.
    - Move model around in all directions.
    - Zoom in and out as you like.
    - Switch off visibility of different parts of the model as:
    - the head
    - the body
    - single arms and legs
    - move the arms and legs
    This will maybe happen on the weekend. Lets see...

    Actual version is now

    When updating to you have to add your external editor under the "options" again,
    otherwise editing won´t work.

    Minecraft Texturepack Editor

    Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7

    What it does:
    - Open any texturepack you have in your minecraft/texturepacks directory
    - Open several texturepacks simultanieously and compare them
    - Copy single tiles from one texturepack to another with a mouseclick.
    - Open single tiles in an image-editor
    - Save changed images/tiles and save the texturepack.
    - Change the resolution of any image with a simple mouseclick.
    - Start Minecraft from within the opened texturepack.
    - Stores Backup-copies of original texturepacks.

    - Brief introduction into the basic functionality

    - The Editor window with an open texturepack.


    I decided to release this version as a means of getting feedback about it.
    So any criticism or suggestion is very welcome.

    - New: Copy Image to different Pack now integrated
    - New: Replace whole image with any image on disk is now integrated
    - Fix: Envoking Paint.Net now works
    - New: Now you can add as many external editors as you like.
    Please go to options and add your external editor(s) again,
    otherwise the "open in editor" menu will not work.

    - Changed Online-Update file.
    - New: Upgrades are now downloadable inside the program.
    - New: Searchable tilelist now integrated into gui.
    - Some bug fixes
    - New: Searchable Tilelist
    - New: Replace tile with image-file from disk.
    - New: If image is modified you´ll be asked for saving before loading another one.
    - New: Update check is now integrated.

    - Several bug fixes
    - New: Link two or more PackWindows together, syncing the tile you are watching.
    Great for comparison of texturepacks.
    - New: Changed list of images
    - New: Added searchable tilelist.

    Download-Link for the setup.exe:

    MTE Version 0.3 (Setup.exe)

    If you dont like setups you can just download a zip-file here:
    MTE Version 0.3 (ZIP)

  2. amc1999

    amc1999 New Member

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    great mte version 0.3 nice trojan
  3. yasoofx

    yasoofx New Member

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    well good for me i got a software tells me if this software has hacks on it or not it says not safe :mad:

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