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Announcement New Flyff Pserver - InterventionFlyFF | low/mid rate

Discussion in 'FlyFF Private Server Discussion' started by InterventionA, May 8, 2013.

  1. InterventionA


    Likes Received:
    Mar 25, 2013
    Hi Folks,

    We have a new pserver in town. It's called InterventionFlyff.
    While we are still continually improving the game play, we feel that it is good enough to let the public in on it as well.

    Website: http://interventionflyff.org
    forum: http://interventionflyff.com/forums

    Server: InterventionFlyFF
    What we offer:
    //Friendly and helpful GM staff
    //Guild Seige (We are working on getting it to run every hour.)
    //Guild Seige 1to1
    //Weapon Glow
    //Fashion combine
    //New Riders - see for yourself
    //rates: 100x EXP, 500x DROP, 1000x PENYA
    //CS sets available in NPC's
    //New pets in red chip manager
    //Level 150-L Cap
    //All working dungeons
    more to come....

    Our server is 95% working. So there are areas that aren't and still working to fix, like the colosseum, arena, and darktreasia. But feel free to play and explore our server.

    Website template is from Stefan Pfeifer and ICE TEA for the code from elitepvpers. I am giving them credit for it. So big props to them. I just modified it to make it work for our database which took months for my skillset. Anyways, no flamers coz stefan, put this template out for everyone.
    As far as the version, don't trip folks, it was a combination from different resources/sources. Myself and another partner of mine, had pieced things together to make it work for us. So if you recognize your version in there. Then big props to you as well.

    We hope you'll enjoy playing on our server!!

    - InterventionAdmin
    Last edited: May 23, 2013
  2. InterventionA


    Likes Received:
    Mar 25, 2013
    Hi Folks,

    InterventionFlyFF is holding an event this FRIDAY!! yes this Friday!! There are two reason why we are holding this event. First, its to honor our Veterans and current soldiers who work hard to protect our freedom (To all vets and soldiers defending their country). Second, its our OPENING CELEBRATION. Yes, I thought we would make it formal by sharing it with everyone who likes to play Flyff.
    There will be prizes for the folks coming in and joining us as well and in addition there will be very NICE prizes for the 1st to 5th place players.

    Here are the instructions and rules of the event:
    1) Starting Friday(PST) pacific time at midnight 00:00am the LevelUP event will start. For this event, I will be rewarding the 1st - 5th place players who make it to the highest level. (Note:Server will go down for 1 hour, prior to the event. This is to make preparations for the event stuff going in.)

    2) On the day of the event, I will clear out the player's ranking list. This list will keep everyone informed as to who is running up and placing in this event.

    3) In the case of ties, the ranking list will let us know who is 1st - 5th. This way there will be no doubt of the winners placing. Example: If there are 2 (lvl 140's), the ranking list will have the name of that player on top. The player who is on top will be at that place. (Lets not make this difficult and just go by the ranking list.)

    4) You must sign up with your REAL email address. The reason for this is that I will mail out the codes for redeeming your prize. If you send me a fake email, and I send it there, and you can't retrieve it. Then it is your loss. So please sign up with your real email. =) I promise you won't get spammed by me. XD

    5) Age limit? There are no age limits. If you can play and level up. Then make it to our top 5, then its your prize thru hardwork.

    6) Amps? There is only 1 type of amp in game for this event. (Isruel is the NPC selling the amp.)

    This is all for now as to what the event is going to be like. Stay tuned as I will update this information with the type of prizes for 1st - 5th placers.

    thanks to everyone who join in,
    - Interventionflyff Admin


    1st= ipod nano (giftcard from amazon to redeem)
    2nd= $35 digital gift card from amazon
    3rd= $25 itunes digital gift card
    4th= $20 itunes digital gift card
    5th= $15 itunes digital gift card

    (NOTE: Must register with VALID email to receive prize.)

    website: http://interventionflyff.org
    forum: http://www.interventionflyff.com/forums
  3. Aladdin


    Likes Received:
    Sep 22, 2010
    How is this pserver doing? Worth trying out?

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