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Perfect World tips and hints

Discussion in 'General Gaming Discussion' started by wishwarrior, Jan 18, 2008.

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  1. wishwarrior


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    Apr 3, 2007
    Here are all the things i discovered about perfect world till now^^

    Trade a specific amount:
    When trading hold alt and then drag the item into the trade window

    Get badges:
    All badges can be obtained through event challenges
    Badge of speed: complete a snake island race(you dont have to win just to complete it)
    Badge of intellegent: Take place in the arena event on saturdays and open the boxes
    Rest badges can be obtained from rancor forces event or guild wars i think.
    Rumors saying you could get those by trading dragon tablet to dragon emmisary are NOT true and the badges can be usefull at any level since it gives extra skill points.

    Jaguar,bear,elephant and deer can be obtained from mall
    Dark horse and brown horse can be bought from pet administrator
    Dark glowy horse,white horse and white glowy horse can be obtained by trading dragon tablets to emmisary

    Increasing speed of mounts:
    No hasty boot is needed..Just ride it often..

    All class pets:
    Check mr.illnoes at east ADC to see what is needed to make one

    Bunny respawns every one hour at 500.1008

    Best pet for fb:
    LavaRime-can be found outside and inside the cave of fire

    You can get drops from any monster than is 20 levels or less lower than you

    Those can be used to make pharmasist items or increase speed of flying device
    Just press "e" then choose increase speed while flying.When the bar gets to 0 drag fuels on the flying device

    If you kill a pink-orange-red named you get pink for like 2 minutes while if you kill a white one you get orange for 1 hour..The hours are multipled depending how many you kill
    For example: 3 kills--> 3 hours till you get white
    7 kills--> 7 hours till you get white

    Shiny weapons and armors:
    Shiny weapons can be made adding mirage stones to it or if it is 3 stars one or gold weapon (to make a 3 stars weapon or any item you just need luck when making it lol)
    Shiny armors can be made if you add a sum of grade 10 soulcrystals.
    For example : grade 2+grade 4+grade 4
    The crystals must be the same type
    All crystals can be bought at Synthesis master
  2. mirzica


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    Jan 10, 2007
    Thank you very usefull!
  3. clerky34


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    Aug 8, 2007
    u should post on quest guide for perfect world but thanks for the info on the mounts im also looking for this post too...thanks a lot...^^
  4. not0rius


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    Jan 20, 2008
    thx . i needed that
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