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Tutorial Performing RakShot

Discussion in 'Soldier Front Tutorials' started by masterhack, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. masterhack


    Likes Received:
    Jan 16, 2010
    Rakshot originated from Korea, rakshot is a player from korea known for his powerful moves with his PSG-1 and berreta, rakshot here in philippines means 1shot - 1kill hard to master but very useful.

    To master rakshot you need to master this first

    * Drag shot (IMPORTANT)
    * silent shot (not recommended)
    * QuickScoping (VERY IMPORTANT)
    * Noscoping (not recommended)
    * Cornerscoping (Recommended)

    Situations when the JS will be useful:

    -Facing a sprayer close range(0m-7m)

    -Facing a sniper close range(0m-7m)

    -Facing a sniper semi-close range (8m-15m)

    -Shooting around corners/over obstacles (Evasion)

    How to do the Jump-Shot

    There are two different ways to to the JS, but they both have the idea.

    1. "Jump-Spot"

    In any jump, there's something called a spot. This is when you reach the top of the jump, and hang in the air for a split second. Also, when you strafe one way, and suddenly switch to the other, right or left, you pause for a split second. If you hold forward and left/right, and jump, and at the crest of the jump switch to backwards and left/right (the opposite as before), you will hang in the air for a tiny bit. In that window you must scope, aim, and shoot, before you start to descend. A way to help is by aiming on the rise without the crosshair and predicting where the bullter go. That way all you have to do is scope and shoot. To get it perfect is amazingly hard, and I still screw up, but if you can learn to do it properly, it's a great shot.

    2. "Immediate Shoot"

    This shot starts off the same. Hold forward+left/right, and jump. Any time while your in the air, scope, shoot, and press back+right/left. If you time it properly, it will be completely accurate.


    -It basically means don’t really aim, when you see someone, shoot. I find this description very affective, as I used to wait until I was absolutely sure I could hit them before I shot.
    this isn't very good to FR-F2 users, AWP, camp, and Dragunov. The reason why is because FR-F2, AWP, Dragunov and camp has to reload after ever shot, so if you miss, your dead. I would recommend FR-F2, AWP, Dragunov and camp users aims a bit more before shooting. I would recommend even more to switch to any such as psg-1, engraving_psg, dragon_psg or gold_psg . It’s harder to aim, but doesn’t have to reload after every shot.


    -This isn’t very hard to do but very effective.
    As fast as you scope before rounding a corners then shoot . That’s it, nothing else to it, pretty simple.


    - just like when your dragging but very hard to master you must be accurate to do dragshot,

    example = theres a enemy quickly scope your sniper then drag the scope to the enemy quickly fire deals great damage.

    now if you mastered the important guides

    were moving in performing a rakshot

    rakshot - best use in either rushing or defense
    you need to be accurate so it will be easy to you to master this

    rushing - if you are in a rush go ahead when enemy appears quicky scope your sniper and shoot em, very hard to master cause many of your enemies are sprayers.

    defense - easy you need here is dragshot and accuracy, if your enemy is good in sniper, dont shot just hide if he throws a grenade its your choice if you are gonna go away or not, you have 65% of surviving into a grenade throw so dont lose your chance, if his/her grenade is out of ammo hide if he/she is gonna go td you need quickscope then shoot.

    * recommended to practice this guide in training:rockon:
  2. zeipherx1


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    Jun 27, 2009
    anu kaya yan?
  3. marvin523698745


    Likes Received:
    Jun 27, 2010
    it's a tutorial on how to make rakshot
  4. coolbreez100


    Likes Received:
    Aug 5, 2009
    Nice tutorial I guess. Pro.
  5. gunzize1


    Likes Received:
    Apr 23, 2009
    pro but your english its not realy perfect il rate it 8/10 :D.

    great infos

    cons:some words are pretty hard to understand =/

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