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Projectp2p.net Rsclassic private server 30x xp rates

Discussion in 'RuneScape Private Server Advertisement' started by Grittz, Dec 10, 2009.

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  1. Grittz


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    Dec 10, 2009
    Hello All, I'm here to introduce you to a RSC ( Runescape Classic ) Private Server. The name of it is called ProjectP2P, and can be located at projectp2p.netFirst, I'll start off by telling you a little bit about the server.- The Owner is Matt- The Administrator is Vivek- The Staff are real mature, and they do their best to meet the player's needs, aswell as keeping justice.- Our experience rate is 30X. - Which benefits a lot of players who just want to pk or stake away all their stuff. The XP Rate is actually slower for skills, but higher for combat. It's a balanced server, the PKers please the skillers and the skillers please the pkers.- We have constant updates, which means the server is constantly getting better, to better it's players.Especially thanks to our new developer! ;)- We have our own Events, that are hosted by the Staff to help get player's active in pking, and enjoy playing the game.- We have our own little minigames, it's basically a "wave." You start on Wave 1, and you kill the NPC and pick up the Key it drops, pull the lever, and start on a new NPC, and do that all the way through until Wave 11. Then you turn in all 11 Key's for a random prize.[​IMG]- We have our own little gambling system going on. Let's just say you have a random 500k laying around, just go to the Gambling NPC's located in edge, talk to them, and click the ammount you wish to gamble. You can win any random prize, from a bucket of shit to Dragon items, depending on how much you've gambled. The higher you gamble, the more likely the prize is to be better.[​IMG]- We have VERY good pking. Flat's, ( 99 Strength, Attack, And Defense ) is a very common level you'll see people pking at. We also have Low level pking, usually between 40-60 combat. And a lot of people pk at 100 at the castle. Basically we have pking at almost any combat level, and anywhere in the wild.Here's some pictures of pking that's going on while i'm making this;[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]-We have RUNECRAFTING. Yes, Just like Runescape 2. But this is not a Runescape 2 server. A while back, we had players vote on new ways to get runes, to help increase pking, and they voted for runecrafting! So they got what they wanted.[​IMG]-We also have a Duel Arena (Thanks to Yong for taking his time to code it for us<3)Sorry for bad photo quality >_>[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]We have a lot more, why don't you come see for yourself? :3You like what you see so far? Come join us to see more!To play, Follow these simple steps;1. Go to projectp2p.net - To register on the website, simply read the rules you are directed to when going to the website, and hit the "Agree" button once you've done so. Next it'll ask you to create a username and password - NOTE this is not your in game account. Simply pick a username, and a password you'll remember, enter the CACHE (used to prevent bots), and a valid email address/b-day. And once you've done all that, hit "Register."2. Registering an in game account; Once you've finished Registering your forum account, make sure you are signed in. You'll see a "Register" button at the top right hand side of your screen. Click it, and follow the simple steps to create an in game account.3. Now it's time to download the client. It's located on the forums, under 'News and Announcements'. Click "Client Download" - then click "ProjectP2P download". The most up-to-date client will be located here whenever a new one is released. You'll have a couple of websites you can choose from to download the client from, simply choose one, and download the client..4. Extracting the client. It'll be saved as a .RAR file. So simply find the file, right click it, click "extract to specificed folder" and you can either create a folder on your desktop, or where ever you want it to be extracted to. Then hit "Ok." And now go search for your folder ( the place where you extracted it to ), and open the folder, You can either choose the Big Client or Small Client. Select one, then open the "Run.bat" or "Run" and the server will load, and eventually ask you for your username and password, simply type in the informatino you used in step 2, and you're good to go :DHere are some step by step pictures on how to do all of the above, if you didn't quite understand.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]P.S. - If you don't have winrar, download it at; http://www.rarlab.com/download.htm . It's a commonly used program.If you have any questions or concerns, hollar at me below!
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