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Proper Trading Etiquette [Relates to any game] *Ultimate security guide!*

Discussion in 'Virtual Item(s)' started by UserNameHere, Jun 28, 2010.

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  1. UserNameHere

    UserNameHere Registered User

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    Jun 19, 2010
    Hey GamerzPlanet. Right now I'm really bored, and I was looking for an account to buy, and it really pisses me off seeing this all over the forum
    Title-Amazing [Game Name Here] Account Maxed items/stats!
    Body-"Ad ma msn d00d its a gr3at acc 1ts l1k3 1337 n stuffz y0"

    So let's go over proper trading etiquette, and for those of you who don't know what it is, look it up.
    If you are the seller try your best to abide to the following:
    • Clearly state what your selling
    • Post pictures
    • Include proof that it's yours "Ex: Say your name in the picture from the forum you are on"
    • Be specific in what your looking for
    • Include contact methods "Email, Phone Number, ICQ, ect"

    Now lets take a look. It's a pretty damn short list, but if you follow it, you'll have a nice looking thread, that won't make people think your still in second grade.
    You don't need to use numbers to type. No need to say "Y0 D4WG wu7ts G00d"
    We can all be civilized enough to spell correctly, cant we?

    If you are the buyer try to abide to the following:
    • You ARE the buyer, so try the best to follow the sellers terms
    • FULLY read the thread your looking at before posting
    • If your leaving an offer, leave YOUR contact info as well, to make the sellers job easier
    • Take into consideration your not the only one trying to buy it, there may be a wait for the seller to contact you

    Just going to go over a few points I stated..
    Ok I mean, reading the whole thread.. Comon now. Take five minutes, and read it. You make your self look like a complete idiot when the seller says "Costs 30$" And you go and post "How much is this bro?"
    Leave some contact info, it'll make it for you two [Buyer & Seller] to discuss


    *Super Hero Music* 100% Scam Proof Techniques *Super Hero Music*

    Ok so no one on forums likes scammers. They are absolutely pointless. Me myself, use to scam, hack, steal, ect. I have changed my ways. So I can tell you some sure fire ways to call a scammer out from the gecko.

    Somethings you'll wanna do before a trade are:
    • Ask around the forum! See what people know about this user.
    • Check him, see if he has negative feedback, and why
    • Ask admins, nothing wrong with going to higher authority
    • Look for a MM ahead of time, even if your not PLANNING on using him
    • Invest in an OMM. Big trades, are well worth the pay!

    These steps are great to do, to not get scammed, and they work for both parties [The buyer, and seller]

    Now here are a few ways to tell that a scammer, is a scammer:
    • They get nervous and will make up excuses when you ask for proof
    • They'll have extremely long confusing names to try and hide them selves
    • They'll make up lies and say "My internet is acting up hold on"
    • When you offer a Middle Man, they'll block you

    To sum things up:
    • Always use a MM
    • Always do a background check
    • Set your rules, and stick to them!

    Using these terms, will keep your account safe, and keep both the buyer and seller satisfied.

    When making a thread in general:
    • Keeping your thread Organized, and simple makes readers more attracted
    • Color! Use color in your thread. Looks nicer, and gives me a little bit more motive to read!
    • Be polite, use proper grammar, speller, and seem educated
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