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Questions and Answers

Discussion in 'Gunbound Hacks/Bots Discussion' started by Fuhrer, Jul 7, 2006.

  1. Fuhrer

    Fuhrer Retired Staff Member

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    Jan 6, 2006
    There have been many threads or posts related to questions that have been answered continuously in the past. This is a final attempt to teach those who need to be taught. If anymore questions pertaining to the topics discussed here are asked, the questioner will have to face the consequences.

    1. What are hacks?
    Hacks are "cheats". They allow you to play a game differently than intended by its creator. You can use a hack to help get you more points, ********, or exp. in a game. Or you can use for viewing purposes - to look "cool".
    2. Where can I get hacks?
    You can:
    a) make them yourself. This is not an easy task...you need to learn a programming language. Please go to the programming section of GamerzPlanet if you are interested. If you don't find what you need there, purchase a book, or borrow one from your local library. If you can, join a course on programming. The latter isn't as quick, but it'd give you a chance to grasp concepts more sufficiently, and that'd make you a better programmer.
    b) wait for someone to release one. This doesn't happen too often now. In the past, maybe two/three years ago, many hacks were released to the public; people released them for fame, but regretted it later. Everything that has been released, and is now "public" is patched - meaning, it no longer works.
    c) buy one. Recently, there have been many people who have been releasing their work for sale. If you have some extra cash, or don't mind buying something for your gaming pleasure, this is the choice for you.

    Whatever you do, do not ask for hacks in this forum, or any forum for that matter. You will not get what you ask for, your warning level will increase, and on top of that, you will acquire a bad reputation.

    1. What are aimbots?
    Aimbots are programs that allow you to calculate your shot in-game. In other words, it helps you aim.
    2. How do I make an Aimbot?
    There is no such program that makes aimbots for you! Like every other program, you need to learn a programming language and some general knowledge of how GunBound/GameGaurd works. This is not a simple task!

    1. What are bots?
    Bots are programs that play for you. However, since this is a multi-player game, you need to play ith a friend, or use two computers. Both computers that are playing in a game need to use the bot in order for this to work.
    2. How do I make a bot:
    There is no such program that makes bots for you! Read the second question under the Aimbots category.

    This is all I can think of, for now. More will be appended, if necessary. If you have any ideas on what to add, post them in this thread and I'll add them in. If you have questions, either post them here or e-mail me at my MSN e-mail: fuhrerownz@yahoo.com

  2. Fuhrer

    Fuhrer Retired Staff Member

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    Jan 6, 2006
    Originally posted by Petchay:

    This is what most of you people will ask!!
    you'll find your answers here for sure...

    1.How to use aimbot?
    -Open Up Aimbot Before Gb or In Gb if instructions say.
    -Pik Mobile in game and press Page Down until u got that mobile there.
    -In game put ur mouse on top of the guy u want to aim and press print screen.
    -there will be a little line in the power bar which tells how much to put, shoot that much.
    -If u press page up it will go to auto mode, which aims automatically to the enemy nearest to u.
    -Thats all U really GOtta know
    Ps:No Hooks FOr boomer.
    2.How to use Cheat egnine(memory editor), and from where can i download it?
    -a small summary how to use in this link http://gamerzplanet.net/forums/showthread-t_2952.html .
    -you can download it from www.cheatengine.org .
    3.where to get the values for cheat eninge/T-search ?
    -you will find it in this link http://gamerzplanet.net/forums/showthread-t_2790.html .
    4.Where can i get formulas ?
    - from this link http://creedo.gbgl-hq.com
    5.which hacks are still working?
    -Cash Avatar Buying With gold.
    -delay hack.
    -slot hack.
    -crash/room hack.
    -secret avatar shop.
    6.How can i turn off/turn on my list in Gunbound?
    -->start -->run -->type in 'regedit'
    -->click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
    -->software -->softnyx -->GunboundWC
    -->you will see BuddyIP data = buddy.gunbound.net
    -->delete the data by modifying BuddyIP (right click on BuddyIP, modify, and delete 'buddy.gunbound.net', leave it blank)
    if you want to turn it back on, fill back in the data 'buddy.gunbound.net'
    or a small buddylist on/off software
    download it from this link , http://gamerzplanet.net/forums/showthread-t_798.html
    7.How can i change my proxy?
    -there is many ways to change the proxy
    download the software (7days trial) http://gamerzplanet.net/forums/showthread-t_3200.html .
    search in google for proxy list.
    8.What is the best suit for gold/attack/delay/bunge?
    -shown in this thread http://gamerzplanet.net/forums/showthread-t_721.html .
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  3. gameuser

    gameuser Retired Staff Member

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    Nov 23, 2005
    You can start by studying the Dragonbot-source located in the stickied thread in the Downloads section. Although it does not work anymore as-is (it used to), it shows the design of an aimbot and its functioning.
  4. stufff


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    Mar 31, 2007
    wut do ppl mean when they say to change the value of some hack? plz explain terms and how to do them
  5. duytin89


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    Mar 26, 2008
    my acc has benn banned...how can i know how long it have been banned?
  6. kob55


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    Jan 4, 2009

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