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Release RULES! Read and Understand

Discussion in 'Soldier Front Philippines Hacks Downloads' started by deltashock, Aug 7, 2010.

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  1. deltashock

    deltashock Retired Staff Member

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    Dec 9, 2005
    Please take your time and read the rules and make sure you understand them. Breaking the rules will get you warnings or bans. We do not want to ban you but for everyone's sake, we must have rules.

    Instead of a ban, we will give you a second chance but don't abuse it.
    First things first for those who always post their contact information i.e MSN, Yahoo messenger, Gmail etc. Post it in your profile which can be found here:EDIT PROFILE


    • Read up before asking for help.
    • Do not go off-topic or hijack someone else's thread.
    • Do not use foul language.
    • Respect other members or else you'll get an infraction.
    • Respect GZP's staff.
    • Multiple accounts are prohibited and will be banned for making multiple accounts.
    • Do not trade/sell anything here. Go HERE: Soldier Front Trading Center
    • Do thank or add reputation to the poster for their efforts if you downloaded something.
    • Do Report any dead links to a staff.
    • If you have a problem with a member, do not try to fight back, report to a staff to prevent further flaming fights!


    • Do not double post.
    • Spamming/advertising/posting adult materials are NOT allowed.
    • Do not same message in multiple threads.
    • Do post in the appropriate forums.
    • Do not use very large fonts.
    • Search before creating thread similar to an existing thread.
    • Do not request the same thing multiple times.
    • Do not provide files containing harmful viruses or malware/adware etc. you will get BANNED!
    • Do not beg for hacks, wait for it be patient sooner or later someone will post it.
    • Do not post in all caps.

    Aside from these read also the rules HERE: Rules!

    Since Hesham's post a while back, some of the infraction rates have changed, along with some rules. So here's the updated list on what you will earn.
    Reason - Points / Expires

    Grave Digging - 3 Points / 30 Day(s)
    Wrong Section - 3 Points / 30 Day(s)

    Bumping - 5 Points / 10 Day(s)
    Failing to Credit Author - 5 Points / 30 Day(s)
    New Member Begging - 5 Points / 7 Day(s)
    New Member Spamming - 5 Points / 7 Day(s)

    Claiming Credits - 10 Points / 30 Day(s)
    Misuse of the Reporting System - 10 Points / 30 Day(s)

    Advertising - 15 Points / 30 Day(s)
    Begging - 15 Points / 30 Day(s)
    Discrimination (i.e. Racism, towards homosexuality, etc.) - 15 Points / Never
    Insulted Other Members(s) [Flaming] - 15 Points / 30 Day(s)
    Spamming - 15 Points / 30 Day(s)

    Posting a referral link. - 30 Points / 30 Day(s)
    Scamming - 30 Points / 6 Month(s)
    Spammed Advertisements - 30 Points / 30 Day(s)
    Ban Evasion / Multi-Accounting - 30 Points / Never
    Posting a malicious file. - 30 Points / Never
    Note: These are only guidelines for moderators. If a mod feels that you deserve a higher punishment, they may do so at their own discretion. This means if they think 3 points isn't enough for posting in the wrong section, they can make it higher or expire in a longer amount of time.

    Other guidelines/miscellaneous tips you might want to follow:

    For the 'Hack Downloads' section, new threads must be approved by a moderator before they will appear to the general public. Your thread should either be approved or declined within 24 hours. If it takes longer than that for a moderator to approve your thread, feel free to PM them about approving your thread. This will show them that you are most likely serious about getting your hack approved, and will remind them to check the moderated threads.

    Before posting a thread, think about what you are posting. Follow these steps to assure that you won't receive an infraction on what you are posting:

    • Is it relevant to the section?
    • Will it help other members of GamerzPlanet?
    • Does it break any of the rules stated above?
    • Has it already been posted before?
    • Did I give proper credits to the author/get permission from him/her? [If it's not your hack.]
    That will help you in deciding whether or not it's a good thread to post.
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