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Selling My Account

Discussion in 'Pangya' started by ReapThaWhirlwind, Jul 27, 2015.

  1. ReapThaWhirlwind

    ReapThaWhirlwind Registered User

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    Jul 27, 2015
    I am considering selling my account because I am quitting the game forever. I have a very boss account, World Pro, with about 100 million pang on it and tons of premium content.


    Pang Ramyan
    Sporty Pippin
    Clear Papel
    Big Red Papel
    Ancient Caddie


    Orbital Synapse Ring
    Fancy Red

    Club Sets

    Soul Master
    Toy Hammer
    Air Knight Utility
    Gold Air Knight
    Ruby Air Knight
    Duo Feather Clubs
    Miracle Voice
    Luxury Gold
    PWC Clubs
    1st Anniversary
    Spika Clubs
    Blessed Mithril Blades
    Samurai Blades
    Pepper Club Set
    Club Set of Wisdom
    Candy Clubs
    Sweet Love
    Farmed Tuna
    Jolly Santa
    Halloween Clubs

    All Elfen Ears (except Hana—which has Coco Puff Earrings)
    All Fairy Wings
    All Basic Motion Items
    Jenny the Cat

    Tons of Premium Outfits
    Thousands of Tiki Points
    Tons of Tiki Shop items, comets—and tons of other premium items.

    Asking price is currently 1,300 dollars PayPal.

    You will get the username, password, and email that goes to the account—as well as three other sub accounts I have.

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