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Selling Strong Level 13 Account

Discussion in 'Rumble Fighter' started by Mistabigboi, Apr 26, 2015.

  1. Mistabigboi

    Mistabigboi Registered User

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    Nov 3, 2012
    Username : Call911

    Level : 13

    Scrolls : Hitman 3 days not used, Sanshou 7 days, Viper

    Exocores : Muhon's Claw 2 days Left, Devil Fang, Snowman BFE Permanent, Royal Xero Discus Permanent

    Accessories : 4 Silver British, Great Thief Mask, OnNet Glasses, My Waifu, 168 Devil Wings, 84 Angel Wings

    Hair : 45day Rudy Winter Cap, Hardened Avenger Hair (red), Big Mistake Hat (Black), Drum High Hair (M), Horse Mask (White), Reno Fedora, GC Cap, 30day Skeleton Helment (W), Ninja Kitty Hat RD

    Eyes : Dark Eyes, Dilated Eyes

    Mouth : Poker Face

    There's more items if so far you're interested message me I will be uploading a video of the Account soon but in the mean time you can add me on skype, xphan0mz.

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