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TerrificMS Rebirth Server

Discussion in 'MapleStory Private Server Advertising' started by itzXoTic, Feb 14, 2012.

  1. itzXoTic


    Likes Received:
    Feb 14, 2012
    TERRIFICMS v 0.83

    Hello Im the Owner from TerrificMS (ign: itzXoTic)

    Rates: 1500/600/3x
    NON hamatchi
    Client hack... (Unlimited FJ, Spam chat, Dropple NX,

    100% Ring and CS effects working
    All bosses works... Horntail, CWKPQ BOSSES, BalrogPQ, Pinkbeen, Zakum, Scar/Targa.
    ALL-in-ONe shop
    Player NPCs : Blackjack, Gemz, RockPaper, and more
    Easy Rebirth System
    Stat item NPC
    2 Vote Point NPC
    Pinkbeen Drop VIP items
    Max-stat-Item NPC
    Version 1.03 Items/chairs/hairs etc
    NO DONOR sheet :p
    Voting every 6 Hours....
    Fm boss spawner
    Alot of PlayerCommands =)


    Enjoy Our Server =) Wish u the TerrificMS Team =)

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