There's one final Crate in Rocket League


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The thought is that players will realize what they're getting from Blueprints rather than "shock mechanics" of plunder boxes, which

have been dubious. In May, United States congressperson Josh Hawley proposed new enactment that would boycott pay-to-win mechanics and

disallow organizations from selling plunder boxes to kids Buy Rocket League Items . Psyonix's change to Blueprints is one approach to deal with the debate. Including a

plunder box "X-beam scanner" to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in for French players is another way.

Anyway, in Rocket League, Crates will stay until the December update, and when it does, Rocket League keys will be

changed over into Credits. Cases, as well, will be changed over into Blueprints "of a similar arrangement," Pysonix said.

Before Crates go, however Rocket League Items , there's one final Crate in Rocket League: the Vindicator Crate, which "will include the new Sentinel

Fight Car and Neuro-Agitator Goal Explosion." More subtleties on the Blueprint change cycle will come "in the following not many