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Trinity Cabal Online - CodeShout Network

Discussion in 'Cabal Online' started by zafhire, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. zafhire

    zafhire New Member

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    Hello Cabalist,

    I'm here to Promote our Cabal Server on our Community, CODESHOUT Network.

    Code Shout Network Introduction Video: [video=youtube;iBLTscTwSE0]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iBLTscTwSE0&[/video]

    Here's the following Information of our Cabal Server:

    Trinity CABAL (2 Servers)

    #1 Server : BlackSky - High Rate Server
    Website: http://tcabalonline.com

    Exp : 250x
    Skill : 15000x
    Craft : 200x
    Drop : 2 items/monster
    Bomb : 5x
    ALZ : 120x

    About BlackSky Rebirth Information:
    Max Reborns (Normal Character): 500 Resets
    Max Reborns (Premium 1 Character): 700 Resets
    Max Reborns (Premium 2 Character): 1000 Resets
    Level needed for you RB: Lv.170
    ALZ needed for RB: 100M Alz per RB
    Bonus Stat Points: [220 * (current number of resets + 1)]
    Keep Stats after every reset: NO
    Vote Points Needed: 1

    Addition on Black Sky RB System:
    Enjoy your Addiction on RB w/ this Server. ^_^
    Be famous for having the Highest / High # of RB! ^_^


    #2 Server : Prince - Mid Rate Server
    Website: http://prince.tcabalonline.com

    Exp : 111x
    Skill : 1300x
    Craft : 20x
    Drop : 2 items/drop
    Bomb : 10x
    ALZ : 90x

    About Prince Rebirth Information:
    Max Reborn: 10
    Level needed: 170
    ALZ needed: [50.000.000 * (current number of resets + 1)]
    Keep Stats after every reset: NO
    Vote Points Needed: [1 * (current number of resets + 1)]

    Addition on Prince RB System:
    Get 150 Vote Points for Lv. 3000 or 300 Vote Points for Lv.6000 after you got Max RB (10 RB) & Max Lv. (Lv.170).
    Get All God Stuffs and you will Enjoy doing PvP, GvG and NW w/o getting 1-5 Hit.
    In short, Dynamic RB System is Implemented on Prince Server.

    Another Information about Trinity Cabal:

    1.) 24/7 Staffs
    2.) Cheapest Item Shop & Donation
    3.) No Lag & Unexpected Downtime
    4.) Daily/Monthly (Big), Forum and Facebook Events
    5.) Tierra Glorriosa = 4x a Day
    6.) Alz Shop for Costumes & Accessories
    7.) Webshop = Premiums (Increase your RB Limit), Legacy Weapon, GM Blessings, Character Tags [], Cabal Cash and many more.
    8.) Custom Client & Updates

    a.) EP4 Skills
    b.) Trinity Cabal Special Accessories
    c.) EP3 – EP6 Stuffs (Working Lycanus (Set after Mitrhil) w/ EOX+9 & Working SigMetal w/ Cape)
    d.) Legacy Weapon In-Game
    e.) EP3 – EP6 Costume (Wild Western, Navy, Pirate, Dancing Temptation, Halloween Horror Weapon Skin and many more)
    f.) Lv.10 Pets & Pet NPC
    g.) +15 Weapon Glow
    h.) Working Porta Inferno w/ Mob & Custom Drops

    9.) Custom Item Shop for God Mode (3 Slot [Prince] & 4 Slot [BlackSky] Items w/ Craft & Option)
    10.) 2 Servers w/ Different Style of Gameplay & And Advance RB System

    a.) Black Sky = for those who Love RB. Love to feel having Lots of Stats to be GOD!
    b.) Prince = Professional Server for those want to bring you’re A-Game!

    Visit Us on Our Forum for more Info:
    CodeShout Network Forum : forum.codeshout.net

    So what are you WAITING for? Come Join Us! This is the Place to Be! ^_^
    Cya There! ^_^

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