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[Tutorial]Opening multiple clients of any MMORPG

Discussion in 'General Gaming Discussion' started by herbivore108, Feb 3, 2008.

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  1. herbivore108


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    Jul 26, 2006
    [Tutorial] Opening multiple instances of any MMORPG
    by herbivore108

    3/2/07 - I fixed the formatting because I was using a plain view of GzP and the text was black so it was impossible to see the text. Sorry for those people who thought I had posted a blank topic. So please view this again.

    OK I am writing a tutorial on how to open multiple instances of a client for any or at least most MMORPGS.

    This is a work in progress and will be collation of information from the net and my brain.

    OK, you play and MMORPG and for some reason you wan't to open multiple clients of you game so you can log in to multiple accounts. Yes, that is right, the purpose of this tutorial is not so that you can log in to the same account from more than one client - you must have more than one account in the game.

    Here are the possible methods I have found so far in order of easiest to hardest:

    The 'my game allows me multiple clients' way
    -you probably won't be reading this if this were the case but I'll tell you anyway because some people who think their game doesn't support multiple clients may have nor tried these thing before...
    Pros: No effort required
    Cons: Only works for some (obviously), maybe a maximum no. of clients
    Before you go on a quest to find a 'great hack' to open multiple clients, check if you're game actually allows you to open multiple clients!

    1. Your game may outright allow you to open infinite clients without any tricks or any worries. Lucky you!

    2. Limited no. of clients- Your game may allow you to open a certain numbe of cliens without a worry. If your game allows you to open 2 clients and that is all you wan't, then what the heck. Otherwise read on!

    3. Some clients allow you to open multiple clients but there is a 'trick' involved. I've played games where to start multiple clients you must start the first client and not log in! Then you start the second client and log in to both. In some games if you log in you can open no further clients

    If you would like to help please post any MMORPGS which fall under this category and if possible, along with the no. of clients they allow is possible.

    The leechers way

    -probably the easiest for most people playing a common/well known MMORPG that doesn't support multiple clients
    Pros: Little effort required
    Cons: Rare to find for people playing uncommon/new MMORPGs. Might get patched??
    The leechers way involves searching for a premade program (usually called a MultiClient program) made by some hard working programmer for your benefit.
    Each game requires it's own multiclient program as this program is usually (or always) an edited version of your actual client.

    Edited clients often come with other features such as "Disabled swear filter", "Debug console", some other great hack...

    Search Google or Gamerzplanet (your best bet) for your games multiclient program.

    Do not beg, registering at a forum and posting something like the following for your first post because you will probably (definitely) get flamed:

    "Please gimme Gunbound and WoW hackz!!!! Cmon I really really need em please!! I wanna open multiple clients pleeez my email is spammeplease@hotmail.com!"

    Post a request in a request forum is there is one.

    Should I post a list of MultiClient programs available or a list of game which have multiclient programs?

    Non program way

    -this way I think works for all MMORPGs (correct me if I am wrong) and does not involve the making of or downloading of any edited client etc.
    Pros: No programs required, universal (works for all - I think?)
    Cons: Have to make more than one user account on your computer.
    Cannot monitor each game client.
    Have to continually switch user accounts to communicate between game accounts.
    OK I have used this method for several games and I think will work for all your games.

    1. Decide how many clients you want to run and make sure you know how many clients the game allows you to open on one account.

    If you can open only 1 client usually and you want to open 5, you will have to make 5 user accounts on your computer. If you can open 2 usually, you wan't 6, you will need 3 accounts.

    2. Make the user accounts on your computer. Make sure you give them administrator privileges or it might not work.

    3. You do not need to (I didn't) install the game on each account. Simply browse to the location of the game and double click the launcher.

    e.g. My Computer > Program Files > The Name of Your Game > something.exe

    Or C:\Program Files\The Name of Your Game\something.exe

    4. Now start the game on one user account, switch user (don't log off) to the next account and do the same.

    Your game should be doing what you got it to do on each account regardless of which account you are on. If this works or doesn't work please post below.

    I am looking for a way to run all the clients on one user account via another user account. Please post if you know how to do this!

    Program it yourself way

    -If your MMORPG doesn'thave an available multi-client program or you wan't to make one yourself
    Pros: Work for any MMORPG. All clients on the same screen. A warm fuzzy feeling
    Cons: Requires effort (Oh No!!), requires knowledge of programming
    I will update this soon, haven't done it myself but I will try to help you...

    All I know is you need to know some C...

    And you need to disable mutex in the program.

    Do you know how to, please post or I might figure it out soon (hopefully).

    link:Mutual exclusion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    If you found this guide useful please add rep and
    press the thanks button.

    If you hate this guide don't flame just press the back button. :)
    If you know a better way though, please post it!

    Please post your suggestions!! or corrections...
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    May 23, 2007
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