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Selling Unlimited Ninja - VIP6 95k gold, 4M BP

Discussion in 'Virtual Item(s)' started by Ark Gmz, May 25, 2016.

  1. Ark Gmz

    Ark Gmz Registered User

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    May 25, 2016
    Hi, i'm new on this forum so i hope i made this topic in right section.

    I have for sale a VIP6 acc with:
    - 4M BP, 95k gold, 2k coupons, Kaguya power lvl 5 200+ days more, rank 5 in arena (soon can go rank 4), guild leader.
    - Team: Indra Sasuke(ri), Toneri - Main(1ri37), Kaguya - Kushina(ri) + 10tails obito and op obito
    - Beast last 20 min, the account need some work on accessory enchant.
    - platform NC (so US time zone)-Spiritual beasts event: Magpie, Son of demons, Shark
    The account come with:
    - Game account + lock pass, security question and answer.
    - E-mail address.

    Price: 32 euro.
    Skype: arrowsmaker93

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