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[Updated] Rules and ToS

Discussion in 'FlyFF Discussion' started by DeaD CeLL™, Dec 2, 2007.

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  1. DeaD CeLL™

    DeaD CeLL™ Retired Staff Member

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    Sep 25, 2006
    FlyFF Section Rules & ToS

    I would like to start off with a warning to every user of the FlyFF section, and moreover the users of the entire GamerzPlanet that may browse this section.

    Use the search button BEFORE posting to at least make an attempt at finding a solution to your question/problem.
    Before creating your new thread, take into consideration the following;
    • Have I searched?
    • Are there any threads regarding the matter?
    • Is this topic allowed, or will it breach the rules and warrant me an infraction?
    If you have searched and found a thread concerning your question, if the thread is no more then 5 days old you may post in it to ask for further help. If you can’t find help using the search function go ahead and make a new thread making sure you follow the rules stated herein.

    Rules [Updated as of 2009-01-14]

    • Do NOT beg for hacks, exploits, cheats or anything of that nature.
    • Asking counts as begging!
    • Do not flame members or staff members.
    • Do not send a private message to any of the staff members for any matter unless it is urgent. Any private messages received asking for hacks will result in the person who sent the message being banned.
    • Do not double post and/or bump your thread.
    • Update: P-Servers now allowed (click here)
    • Threads regarding Integrity Bypass, FlyFF Resource Manager, and/or FlyFF Termination/Augmentation/Automaton (custom lua scripts are excluded from this) will be DELETED as soon as a moderator see’s them.
    • Do NOT make posts such as “Lol ur noob, you shouldn’t post dis ur gunna be band!”. Please use the “Report Thread” button and a moderator will get to it as soon as possible. (Note: The “Report a Thread” button is used to report a violation of the rules. Misuse of the system will warrant an infraction.)
    Terms of Service

    GamerzPlanet is not/will not be held responsible for anything that may follow the violation of the rules. If you are banned you may choose to contact an admin about being unbanned or you may wait out your ban time, if it is not permanent.

    Any files posted here are scanned before the attachment is approved. If a outside link, IE. Rapidshare/Megaupload, is posted we are not held responsible for any harm the file may present to you or your computer.

    Posting of malicious files will result in a permanent ban. You will NOT be unbanned.
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  2. void


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    Nov 23, 2000
    Partially updated.
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