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Very stumped with my PC right now

Discussion in 'Counter-Strike/CS:S' started by MartinL, Dec 28, 2016.

  1. MartinL

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    Dec 28, 2016
    So I am getting random reboots while playing CSGO.. one time it showed a BSOD and the other times it just reboots (maybe it reboots faster than a BSOD screen can show up typically? who knows).

    Anyway.. immediately one would think its temperatures.. Nope.. MSI afterburner running with temps on and the temps are solid.. never breaking 60C..

    PSU? This is the real kicker.. I have two accounts for CSGO.. my main account DOES NOT REBOOT.. only my alt does.. How do i know? Ill play on my alt and itll reboot within 20 minutes.. sometimes almost immediately after beginning play. On my main, I can play for however long without it rebooting. This has been the case more than a few times so I feel I have a good sample size to go off of..
    nhạc chuông hay, nhạc chuông nơi này có anh, nhạc chuông đi để trở về

    IDK what could be causing it.. so far, it does not happen in Overwatch, so I think its safe to say that it only happens in CSGO, and only happens on my alt account. But could never for the life of me imagine how. I could guess there is some sort of setting on my alt that is causing this or there is some sort of memory leak.. Anybody now how to reset all settings on a particular account in steam? The cloud pretty much syncs up everything
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