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War of Glory | 1000x | 60% | Season 6 Ep 2 | Join now !

Discussion in 'MU Online' started by sielele, Oct 29, 2011.

  1. sielele


    Likes Received:
    Oct 29, 2011

    General Server Information:

    Server Name: War Of Glory
    Version: Season 6 episode 2

    Server Rates:

    Monster HP:100%

    Server Configuration:

    Reset LVL:400

    Points Per Reset:5/7
    Keep Stats?:YES
    Reset Payment:200kk zen
    Blood Castle: YES
    Devil Square: YES
    Chaos Castle: YES
    Illusion Temple: YES
    Castle Siege: YES
    Cry Wolf: YES
    Nightmare Event: YES
    Hatchery Event: YES
    Doppelganger: YES

    Jewels %:
    Bless: 100 | VIP: 100%
    Soul: 50 | VIP: 100%
    Soul + luck: 75 | VIP: 100%
    Life: 50 | VIP: 100%

    Machine %: +10: 55% Luck +25% |VIP=100%+11: 50% Luck +25% |VIP=100%+12: 45% Luck +25% |VIP=100%+13: 45% Luck +25% |VIP=100%+14: 40% Luck +25% |VIP=100%+15: 35% Luck +25% |VIP=100%

    Website, Forums & Downloads:

    Website URL:CLICK
    Forum URL: CLICK
    Full Client URL: CLICK
    Patch : soon on WWW


    Head Admin: Glory, JULKA, KiNTen,Kurczaczek,Dudi
    GM : WisniA

    Contact Us:

    Contact mail: support_wog@o2.pl

  2. cryheart


    Likes Received:
    Nov 23, 2005
    Is the server still running?

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