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Wow: Most Easy to Miss Quests

Discussion in 'World of Warcraft' started by warhoo, Nov 6, 2007.

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  1. warhoo

    warhoo Banned

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    Sep 13, 2007
    I got the topic related to WOW, “the Most Easy to miss Quest” from official forum, and I think this maybe useful for you. Post here, enjoy!

    The number given is the level of the quest, the number in () is the minimum level to start the quest. The location is where the quest shows up in the Quest Log, which is not always where the quest starts.
    Quests for Both Factions:
    Level 16 (11): "Captain Sander's Treasure Map" - Westfall

    Starts from a map that drops from murlocs http://thottbot.com/?qu=136
    Level 16-20 (10-15): Captain Grayson's quests - Westfall

    He is at the lighthouse SW http://www.thottbot.com/?n=675916
    Level 17 (13): "Deviate Hides" - Wailing Caverns
    Gotten in a small cave above Wailing Caverns, slightly tricky to get to.
    Level 21-27 (16-18): Ziz Fizzik's quests - Stonetalon Mts

    In a hut SW of Windshear Crag http://www.thottbot.com/?n=4000
    Level 30 (22): "A Fine Mess" - Gnomeregan

    Escort quest. Starts randomly in one of the rooms near where the non-hostile alarm bot is. http://www.thottbot.com/?qu=2904
    Level 33-38 (30): Azore Aldamort's quests - Desolace

    Just north of tower overlooking the ocean. Aside from 1 BFD quest, the only Argent Dawn rep before level 50. http://www.thottbot.com/?n=19221
    Level 35 (30): "Crystal in the Mountains" - Arathi Highlands

    Necklace drops off level 30-40 creatures all over. The necklace is wearable and you get to keep it after doing the quest, though it has no vendor value. http://thottbot.com/?qu=635
    Level 35 (30): Magtoor's quests - Swamp of Sorrows

    He has a quest, and also a wandering creature drops an item that leads to him. http://www.thottbot.com/?n=14341
    Level 35 (30): 'Swamp Eye' Jarl's quests - Dustwallow Marsh

    His house is a on the right side of road a ways out of Theramore. Bring 3 soothing spices with you. http://www.thottbot.com/?n=5346
    Level 36 (30): "Claim Rackmore's Treasure!" - Desolace

    Starts at a book among some wreckage on the shore, next to a chest for an Alliance quest http://thottbot.com/?qu=6161
    Level 37 (?): "Stinky's Escape" - Dustwallow Marsh

    Escort quest, north of North Point Tower. http://thottbot.com/?qu=1270
    Level 38 (?): "Gizelton Caravan" - Desolace

    This is a quest to escort a caravan along the road. You can do this quest 3 times at 3 different spots along the road. His bots (http://thottbot.com/?n=94036http://thottbot.com/?n=95337) also sell some hard to find recipes between escorts. http://thottbot.com/?qu=5943
    Level 38 (35): "Galen's Escape" - Swamp of Sorrows

    He is in a cage on the east side of the hostile Draenai camp http://thottbot.com/?qu=1393
    Level 39 (34): "Get Me Out of Here!" - Desolace

    She is in a basket next to a tent in north part of Maraudon camp http://thottbot.com/?qu=6132
    Level 39 (34): "Ghost-o-plasm Round Up" - Desolace

    Good to do while doing the SM prep quest. http://thottbot.com/?qu=6134
    Level 40 (35): Pirate Cove quests - Arathi Highlands

    Several quests hidden back in this cove. You can see the boat when you fly north to Southshore. http://www.thottbot.com/?n=7735
    Level 40 (35): "The Black Box" - Badlands

    Kill the bird Zaricotl in Badlands to start this quest. http://thottbot.com/?qu=-81http://thottbot.com/?qu=3482
    Level 42 (39): "Shadowshard Fragments" - Maraudon

    Starts at the top of the tower in Theramore for Alliance (If you don't see Tervosh there, wait a few minutes, he should be back soon). From Orgrimmar mage trainer for Horde. http://thottbot.com/?qu=7070http://thottbot.com/?qu=7068
    Level 43 (37): "Cortellos Riddle" - STV

    Starts from a scroll picked up in the ships off the southern tip of STV. It can be in any of the 3 ships. http://thottbot.com/?qu=624
    Level 45 (40): "Ship Schedules" - Tanaris

    Starts from item from the footlockers that drop off pirates. http://thottbot.com/?qu=2876
    Level 45 (43): "Caught!" - Searing Gorge

    Starts at an outhouse in SE Searing Gorge http://thottbot.com/?qu=4449
    Level 45 (43): "Cuergo's Gold" - Tanaris

    Need to collect 3 pieces of a map from pirate footlockers and combine them. http://thottbot.com/?qu=2882
    Level 45 (45): "Message in a Bottle" - STV

    Open bottles on beach east of Booty bay till you find quest, then swim over to the island. http://thottbot.com/?qu=594
    Level 47 (43): "The Key to Freedom" - Searing Gorge

    Searing Gorge outhouse quest http://thottbot.com/?qu=4451
    Level 48 (39): "The Pariahs Instructions" - Desolace

    He wanders south of Mannoroc Coven http://thottbot.com/?qu=7067
    Level 50 (36): "The Monogrammed Sash" - STV

    Kill the screaming giant on the island with the huge goblin statue on it. You will get the item to start this quest. http://thottbot.com/?qu=620
    Level 50 (46): "Tooga's Quest" - Tanaris

    Escort quest. He wanders around SW Tanaris. He follows you, so you can mount up and lead him fairly fast across the desert. Just be sure to not get too far ahead. http://thottbot.com/?qu=1560
    Level 50 (48): "Williden's Journal" - Un'Goro

    Starts from a book that drops off just about any creature in Un'Goro. http://thottbot.com/?qu=3884
    Level 52 (47): "It's a Secret to Everybody" - UnGoro

    AKA 'The Zelda Quest' Starts at a wrecked boat not far from Un'Goro entrance. Very long questline. http://thottbot.com/?qu=3844
    Level 52 (50): Better Late Than Never - WPL

    Starts in the Felstone farmhouse. http://thottbot.com/?qu=5021
    Level 53 (43): Jammal'an the Prophet - Sunken Temple

    Starts at Atal'ai Exile in Shadra'Alor in Hinterlands and goes to Sunken Temple http://thottbot.com/?qu=1446
    Level 53 (47): Kim'jael Indeed! - Ashara

    He is at the top of a large hill in northern Azshara, near a satyr camp. http://thottbot.com/?qu=3601
    Level 54 (51): "The Wildlife Suffers, Too" - WPL

    Starts at a dying Tauran in a house at Writhing Haunt Farm http://thottbot.com/?qu=4984
    Level 54 (52): "A Taste of Flames" - Burning Steppes

    Can use the molt from the main Searing Gorge quest, or he will summon a drake to be killed. http://thottbot.com/?qu=4023
    Level 55 (48): "Essence of Eranikus" - Swamp of Sorrows

    Starts after killing the final boss dragon in Sunken Temple. Goes several steps, then questline dead-ends. http://thottbot.com/?qu=3373
    Level 55 (50): "Augustus' Receipt Book" - EPL

    Starts in a house in Terrordale. Same house as Egan. http://thottbot.com/?qu=6164
    Level 55 (51): "Finding the Source" - Un'Goro

    Starts at a goblin on the west side of Un'Goro http://thottbot.com/?qu=974
    Level 55 (52): "Mrs. Dalson's Diary" - WPL

    Starts at a book on the floor of the Dalson barn. http://wow.allakhazam.com/db/quest.html?wquest=5058
    Level 56 (50): "Unfinished Business" - WPL

    She is down a gully east of the lumber mill in north WPL http://thottbot.com/?qu=6004
    Level 56-60 (52-57): Tirion Fordring's quests - EPL

    He is next to the river on the northern west side of EPL. Long questline, eventually leads to Stratholme and beyond. Nice rewards. http://www.thottbot.com/?n=616782
    Level 57 (50): "You are Rahk'likh, Demon" - Blasted Lands

    For Alliance starts at top of Nethergarde tower. For Horde starts at Swamp of Sorrows, Blasted Lands border. Very long questline. http://thottbot.com/?qu=2783
    Level 57 (48): "A Crew Under Fire" - Ashara

    At the bottom of southern Azshara cliffs, not too far from engineering vendor. Broken quest, has never worked properly http://thottbot.com/?qu=3382
    Level 57 (55): "Stormers and Rumblers" - Azshara

    Questline starts from a water elemental lord on an island in SE Azshara. It eventually leads to Molten Core. There are faction requirements for some of the quests. http://thottbot.com/?qu=6805
    Level 58 (46): "The Lost Tablets of Mosharu" - EPL

    Its a follow up to the Hakkar egg quest in Sunken Temple, you get it from a dwarf in Steamwheedle, it leads to EPL for 2 tablets, then back to steamwheedle, then the next quest goes to LBRS (can only be done 5-man), then talk to a troll nearish the dwarf to get a nice cloak reward. http://thottbot.com/?qu=5065
    Level 60 (10): "Your Fortune Awaits You..." - Darkmoon Faire

    4 quests that can start from Sayge's Fortunes
    Level 60 (50): "Corruption" - Blacksmithing

    Starts in Winterspring, get item in UBRS, back to Winterspring http://thottbot.com/?qu=5307
    Level 60 (58): "Brann Bronzebeard's Lost Letter" - Silithus

    Letter drops off any of the bugs in Silithus, including the non-elites from killing the druids. Easy 8300 exp if you aren't 60 yet. http://www.thottbot.com/?qu=8308
    Level 60 (58): "Hot Fiery Death" - Blacksmithing
    Starts at a corpse near lava in LBRS, then to Winterspring
    Level 60 (60): "Nat's Measuring Tape" - Zul Gurub

    Starts from clicking on a battered tackle box http://thottbot.com/?qu=8227

    Alliance Only:
    Level 1 (4): "Cluck" - Westfall (Horde members will need to buy an item from the Neutral AH)

     Find a Westfall chicken, then /cluck at it till it talks to you. No, no, you don't look silly... http://thottbot.com/?qu=3861
    Level 2 (1): "Harlan Needs a Resupply" - Stormwind

     Starts from a man that wanders around the trade district. http://thottbot.com/?qu=333
    Level 9 (8): "Furlbrows Deed" - Westfall

     Item drops off defias in Elwynn and leads to Westfall http://thottbot.com/?qu=184
    Level 10 (7): "The Collector" - Elwynn Forest

     Gold Pickup Schedule drops off the Riverpaws in Elwynn http://thottbot.com/?qu=123
    Level 12 (7): "Tundra MacGrann's Lost Stash" - Dun Morogh

     Climb the hill opposite of the yeti's cave to find the quest. http://thottbot.com/?qu=312
    Level 12 (?): "Mist" - Teldrassil

     Find this cat to escort at the back of one of the harpy camps. http://thottbot.com/?qu=938
    Level 15 (?): "One Shot, One Kill" - Darkshore

     In the hills in the far south of Darkshore http://thottbot.com/?qu=5713
    Level 16-20 (10-15): Farstrider Lodge quests - Loch Modan

     4 quests. Including 2 of the few timed quests in the game. Plenty of time unless there is competition. http://thottbot.com/?n=2406
    Level 17 (14): "Red Silk Bandanas" - Deadmines

     There are several bandana quests, but most people miss this one that starts at the top of the westfall tower http://thottbot.com/?qu=214
    Level 22 (20): Gerenzo's Orders - Stonetalon Mts

     Off the road, above Ziz Fizzik's hut http://thottbot.com/?qu=1092
    Level 23 (16): "Theocritus' Retrieval" - Redridge

     A dropped item that starts a questline http://thottbot.com/?qu=178
    Level 25 (18): "Seasoned Wolf Kabobs" - Duskwood

     Requires Journeyman Cooking to get the quest http://thottbot.com/?qu=90
    Level 25 (20): "An Old History Book" - Duskwood

     Dropped by most undead, ogres & worgen. http://thottbot.com/?qu=337
    Level 25 (22): "Missing in Action" - Redridge

     An escort quest that starts deep inside the orc champion cave http://thottbot.com/?qu=219
    Level 30 (25): "The Howling Vale" - Ashenvale

     This long questline that starts in Ashenvale leads to Darkshire and explains the Worgen there. http://thottbot.com/?qu=1022
    Level 30 (26): "Sully Balloo's Letter" - Arathi Highlands

     AKA 'That letter under the Thandol Span' http://thottbot.com/?qu=637
    Level 30 (28): "MacKreel's Moonshine" - Wetlands

     AKA 'That quest out on the Thandol Span that's a pain in the butt to get to' http://thottbot.com/?qu=647
    Level 33 (30): "Jungle Secrets" - STV

     This quest starts across the road from the northern STV graveyard. You need to be there when the alliance guard gets attacked. http://thottbot.com/?qu=215
    Level 34 (28): "Grime-Encrusted Ring" - Gnomeregan

     Random drop off any of the dwarves. http://thottbot.com/?qu=2945
    Level 34 (29): "Lonebrow's Journal" - Thousand Needles

     Starts at a book in the hand of a corpse near the bottom of The Lift. Leads to Razorfen Kraul. http://thottbot.com/?qu=1100
    Level 34 (27-30): "Foreboding Plans" - Alterac Mountains

     2 quests Start at documents on a talbe in the Syndicate camp north of Tarren Mill. Min level 27. http://thottbot.com/?qu=510http://thottbot.com/?qu=511
    Level 35 (28): "The Weathered Grave" - Duskwood

     Starts at a grave between the hermit and Sven's camp, outside the graveyard. http://thottbot.com/?qu=225
    Level 35 (30): "The Orc Report" - Dustwallow Marsh

     Starts from grave next to 'Swamp Eye' Jarl'. http://thottbot.com/?qu=1219
    Level 35 (30): "James Hyal" - Wetlands

     AKA 'Dustwallow Marsh Inn for alliance' http://thottbot.com/?qu=1302
    Level 35 (35): "A Sign of Hope" - Badlands

     Starts from a piece of paper on the ground at Hammertoe's Digsite in Badlands, long questline, leads to Uldaman. http://thottbot.com/?qu=720
    Level 35-42 (32-35): Watcher Biggs' quests - Swamp of Sorrows

     South of the road before you get to Blasted Lands. http://thottbot.com/?n=18758
    Level 37 (?): "Feast At The Blue Recluse " - Stormwind

     A follow up to Stinky's Escape. http://wow.allakhazam.com/db/quest.html?wquest=1271
    Level 38 (30): "Assassin's Contract" - Hillsbrad Foothills

     Kill shodowy assassins in Southshore to start this quest. http://thottbot.com/?qu=522
    Level 40 (30): The Lost Supplies - Swamp of Sorrows

     Starts from an item found in scattered crates. Can be repeated for Stormwind rep. http://thottbot.com/?n=1423
    Level 40 (35): "A Meal Served Cold" Stormwind

     Starts at the inn in the mage quarter. Has a timer, but it can be bypassed easily. http://thottbot.com/?qu=212
    Level 40 (33): "The Lost Supplies" - Swamp of Sorrows

     Repeatable quest to get Stormwind rep. http://thottbot.com/?qu=1423
    Level 41 (37): "Mazen's Behest" - Stormwind

     Starts near Stockades, leads to Swamp of Sorrows. http://thottbot.com/?qu=1363
    Level 43 (38): "In Search of The Temple" - Stormwind

     This questline starts in the bar in the Dwarven district of Stormwind and eventually leads to Sunken Temple. http://thottbot.com/?qu=1448
    Level 44 (40): "Sweet Amber" -Westfall

     Semi-long questline that ends with a trinket reward. Starts at dwarf in mountains of southern Westfall. http://thottbot.com/?qu=48
    Level 47 (40): "Doling Justice" - Ferelas

     AKA 'The Sprite Darter Quest' The elves are on a ledge west of the darter cage. When the quest dead-ends, return to the elves. http://thottbot.com/?qu=2970
    Level 48 (40): "The Horn of the Beast" - Searing Gorge

     AKA 'The Key to SG Quest' Kill a dino in a cave in SE corner to start quest http://thottbot.com/?qu=3181
    Level 48 (42): "Suntara Stones" - Searing Gorge

     Escort quest starts in pit near the outhouse. Don't forget to pick up the note at end of escort. http://thottbot.com/?qu=3367
    Level 49 (44): "The Giant Guardian" - Ferelas

     Leads to an escort quest. Take her straight east to the road, then follow the road down then back west to the quest end. http://thottbot.com/?qu=2844
    Level 55 (50): "Hurley Blackbreath" - BRD

     Starts in Kharanos, and an optional pre-quest in Blasted Lands http://thottbot.com/?qu=4126
    Level 55 (52): "Mrs. Dalson's Diary" - WPL

     Start by clicking on a diary on the floor of a barn http://wow.allakhazam.com/db/quest.html?wquest=5058

    Horde Only:
    Level 4 (3): "Attack on Camp Narache" - Mulgore

     Starts from a map picked up in Squealer's cave http://thottbot.com/?qu=781
    Level 5 (1): "A Rogue's Deal" - Tirisfal Glades

     Return to him after ******** for follow-up 'quest' http://thottbot.com/?qu=590
    Level 7 (4): "Carry Your Weight" - Durotar

     He is at the top of the tower http://thottbot.com/?qu=791
    Level 9 (7): "Need for a Cure" - Durotar

     Timed quest SW of Orgrimmar http://thottbot.com/?qu=812
    Level 12 (8): "The Demon-Scarred Cloak" - Mulgore

     Kill Ghost Howl to start quest. http://thottbot.com/?qu=770
    Level 15 (11): "Chen's Empy Keg" - The Barrens

     Find an empty keg on the ground to start quest. Leads to a repeatable quest for Orgrimmar rep. http://thottbot.com/?qu=819
    Level 18 (12-13): Makaba Flathoof quests - Stonetalon Mts

     She is at the entrance to Stonetalon from Barrens http://thottbot.com/?n=4014
    Level 20 (19): "Time to Strike" - Hillsbrad Foothills

     She's standing on top of the ruins on the right side of the road coming from Silverpine. http://thottbot.com/?qu=494
    Level 22 (10): "Lakota'mani" - The Barrens

     Horde quest in Barrens that starts from killing a named creature http://thottbot.com/?qu=883
    Level 23 (15): "Dig Rat Stew" - The Barrens

     Requires Journeyman Cooking to get the quest http://thottbot.com/?qu=862
    Level 24 (10): "Owatanka" - The Barrens

     Horde quest in Barrens that starts from killing a named creature http://thottbot.com/?qu=884
    Level 24 (10): "The Harvester" - The Barrens

     Horde quest in Barrens that starts from killing a named creature http://thottbot.com/?qu=897
    Level 24 (22): "Freedom to Ruul" - Ashenvale

     Escort quest inside the Thistlefur cave. http://thottbot.com/?qu=6482
    Level 25 (10): "Washte Pawne" - The Barrens

     Horde quest in Barrens that starts from killing a named creature http://thottbot.com/?qu=885
    Level 25 (19): "Elemental War" - Stonetalon Mts

     Tsunaman is on a cliff on the out skirts of the town. If you cross the pond in town there is a trail out the backside of the town. http://thottbot.com/?qu=6393
    Level 25 (21): "The Runed Scroll" - The Barrens

     AKA 'Kill the Alliance Outrunners cause I'm big enough now!' Kill Aean Swiftriver to start this quest. http://thottbot.com/?qu=3513
    Level 26 (25): "Test of Faith" - Thousand Needles

     Long questline. Starts in a cave on north side of 1000 needles, east of the lift. http://thottbot.com/?qu=1149
    Level 27 (22): "Shadumbra's Head" - Ashenvale

     Kill Shadumbra to start quest. http://thottbot.com/?qu=24
    Level 27 (23): "The Befouled Element" - Ashenvale

     Kill water elemental Tideress to start quest. http://thottbot.com/?qu=1918
    Level 28 (23): "Assassination Plot" - Thousand Needles

     Quest starter drops off Galak Messenger. http://thottbot.com/?qu=4881
    Level 30 (20): "Sharptalon's Claw" - Ashenvale

     Kill Sharptalon to start quest. http://thottbot.com/?qu=2
    Level 30 (22): "The Tear of the Moons" - The Barrens

     The quest giver is in a small tent very close to the entrance to the Bael Modan keep. http://thottbot.com/?qu=857
    Level 35 (30): "The Lost Report" - Dustwallow Marsh

     Starts from grave next to 'Swamp Eye' Jarl' http://thottbot.com/?qu=1238
    Level 35-37 (30): "Suspicous Hoofprints" - Dustwallow Marsh

     Click shield, badge and hoofprints in the burned inn to start this questline. http://thottbot.com/?qu=1251http://thottbot.com/?qu=1268http://thottbot.com/?qu=1269
    Level 42 (37): "Nothing But the Truth" - Duskwood

     Just off the road leading from Darkshire to Deadwind Pass http://thottbot.com/?qu=1383
    Level 43 (39): "The Gordunni Scroll" - Feralas

     Scroll can be found on the ground in the Gordunni Outpost, just in front of the north cave. http://thottbot.com/?qu=2978
    Level 43 (40): "The Venom Bottles" - Hinterlands

     Starts from a bottle in a troll camp in SW Hinterlands. http://thottbot.com/?qu=2933
    Level 52 (48): "Bone-Bladed Weapons" - Un'Goro

     He is just over the Alchemy supplies building in Orgrimmar. http://thottbot.com/?qu=4300
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