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WoWFlare.com - i80 & midrate realms - 3.3.5a

Discussion in 'World of Warcraft Private Server Advertisement' started by botixrt8, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. botixrt8


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    Dec 8, 2012


    I am glad to announce that WoW Flare is officially starting to roll. We started working on this server a week ago, and it's awesome to see that we managed to finish one of the realms in such a short time. At the moment, only one of the realms (Elementhium FUN) is completed, and our staff is working on second realm (Purgatory MID RATE). Most of the staff come from old awesome 2.4.3 servers such as WoW Hazzard, WoW Caelum and so on. I am going to present you the fun realm, and this thread will most likely be edited once the mid rate realm is completed as well. I am not going to make a list of the features with - and so on, but describe how the system works. It may be boring to read, but trust me, you won't regret it.


    ~ Elementhium FUN Realm i80 ~

    There are two malls (horde and alliance ones) where you can find all necessary stuff for awesome playing. All retail items are free, so you can buy everything for free. However, there are some stuff that are unique for us, and they obviously have a price. As you know, Halaa is a place in Nagrand, and we used it for our third mall. If you want to access the mall, your faction has to claim the territory first. Obviously, only one faction can hold the Halaa at same moment. The faction who has it under its control, will be able to access special vendors with Season 9 armor, weapons and off set. It's a custom PVP Gear, and trust me, it's perfectly calculated and balanced. You can buy these things with cool PVP Tokens, and those you can get by killing enemy players in battlegrounds, arenas and PVP zones. As our realm just started, we have doubled the tokens, so you will get x2 of those if you kill an enemy. There are also Event Weapons vendors in the Halaa. Each weapon costs 1 Event Token, which you obviously get if you win an event. Those are the best weapons you can find on our server, so trust me, it's awesome to have them. However, if you visit Vote Panel, you will find custom Vote Items such as tabard, shirt and trinket. Those will give nice amount of extra stats to your character. So, voting helps you get even more powerful, and it helps us too, by getting even more popular! X)

    These are the features you can currently find on Elementhium, but we are still making the realm more and more awesome, so you can expect changes like each day. What we had in mind is making custom PVE Items as well, as rewards for questlines, raiding and so on. Those will be balanced for sure, as we just want to make it more interesting to play, but also fair. We are going to insert VIP System as well, with some kind of special donor rank which includes some cool commands within.


    ~ Purgatory MID RATE Realm ~

    Purgatory is a mid/high-rate leveling server with classic raiding tweaked to level 80, this is hard-core content, WoTLK content remains for casual players.
    We plan to tweak TBC AFTER C'Thun has been killed and have certain events and such every so often, we are also working very quickly towards fixing bugs and have very quick development (but still quality) for raids.
    Purgatory also has the hardest challenges any private realm has to offer, all we can say... We hope to see you there


    I want to say that we will welcome people who want to be part of our staff, and of course would like to help us. Of course, you gotta have some kind of previous experience and knowledge. What we looking as well are suggestions, so please post them below or visit our site and do it there. X)


    ~ WEBSITE ~
    ~ REGISTER ~
    ~ FORUM ~

    set realmlist wowflare.com

    We are waiting for you!

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